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10+ Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Your eCommerce Business

Electronic commerce or eCommerce refers to any business transaction that is conducted online. The burgeoning craze is seen in online shopping, where people buy and sell products online. The eCommerce sector is the fastest-growing retail market projected to hit USD 4.135 trillion sales in 2020. On the other hand, mCommerce is a new venture that is a fast-growing avenue in eCommerce. The primary focus of mCommerce is to expand the market and influence of smartphones to enhance online shopping comfort among the millennials.   

Digital marketing and eCommerce marketing are interdependent terms. To grow any eCommerce website's online presence, one has to employ digital marketing strategies like content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, and other myriad ways. The eCommerce digital strategy differs from website to website. To help you get your share of a vast market of USD 2.8 trillion annual online sales, we have discussed some of the best digital marketing strategies below.  

eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Business  

1. Enhance Product Visualization 

Today's customers are smart. They tend to search for every bit of information before buying any products online. They expect the products to be visually appealing. The very first thing that gains their attention is product visualizations. Secondly, they move on to read product features and aesthetics. By providing exceptional product visualization, you can directly lead them to notice the product details rather than reading about it necessarily.   

Using 3D technology, you can enhance your customers’ buying experience as they get the option of zoom in, zoom out, and rotate the product to 360° view. The Fourth Source reported increased sales by 25% to 30% by using 3D technology over flat imaging.  

2. Add relevant video

Usually, a product requires a well-defined video that explains the working or the importance of the products. If your product has something to show off, then do not miss the opportunity to attract customers’ attention. It has been reported that 81% of customers prefer buying products after seeing the video as it provides confidence in making purchases. Showcasing the product via video allows your customers to understand better the product, what it does, and why they need it. Not necessarily all your products need to be depicted via video, but it should be creative and engaging if there are some.  

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Enhancing online presence without search engine optimization is pretty difficult. It is one of the proven ways to reach the right audience. If implemented the right way, it can increase the volume of traffic to your website. Many eCommerce businesses have realized the importance of SEO and are implementing different tactics to increase their profit. By producing and posting a lot of content frequently, you provide your customers with a way to reach you. Ensure that your content has the right number of keywords to optimize your website and help your customers land on to your website when they search for the relevant keywords. Blogs are a better way to increase your ROI.   

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10+ Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Your eCo
Wednesday, November 18, 2020