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Magento SEO: Tips To Optimize Your Online Store Like An Expert

Having an e-commerce website is, in every way, is like having your storefront. However, there is a large pool of countless potential customers. They might leave unattended if your eCommerce website doesn’t get indexed to user searches. This might dishearten business owners for opening a store and nobody buying from you. Well, Magento offers superlative eCommerce store functionalities loaded with features that help site owners reap maximum sales.

We are here to help you deal with ranking and search engine optimization through Magento websites

6 Tips for Effective Magento SEO

Analyze Your SEO

Whatever you do to improve your website’s SEO; it is vital to keep it under control. This can be done by regularly analyzing your SEO campaigns’ effectiveness with tools like Google Analytics and others. You can retrieve your eCommerce website’s most valuable insights with a detailed report on your SEO campaigns and their effectiveness.

Use Magento Enabled SEO-Optimized URLs

Search engines still prefer simple, easy-to-use URLs over complicated URLs. When you upload a product to Magento, it automatically generates a URL to the product page by default, which is quite complex and difficult for search engines to read. So you need to make this URLs SEO friendly to get the search engine preference.

Magento SEO also comes with an in-built setting to improve the SEO score of the page

Make a default URL to an SEO friendly URL by going to System -> Configuration> Web > expand the search engine optimization tab and change Use web server rewrite to Yes.

Use An Appropriate Meta Description.

Metadata is a valuable element in search engine optimization that makes it easier for search engines to interpret your site’s content. A well-written Meta description can help your store gain better visibility on search engines, allowing search engines to know exactly what it is.

Write a unique Meta description without duplicate content. Be aware of the character limit and place your important keywords at the beginning of the description.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020