Divine Dog Spa: Pawsitively Deluxe Bath

Welcome to the Divine Dog Spa, where your furry friend can experience the ultimate in luxury and relaxation with our Pawsitively Deluxe Bath package.

Our Pawsitively Deluxe Bath is designed to pamper your beloved pet from head to paw, using only the finest quality products and gentle techniques.

During the bath, your dog will enjoy a soothing wash with specialized shampoos that are suitable for their fur and skin type, leaving them clean, fresh, and oh-so-soft.

Our skilled groomers will pay special attention to details such as nails, ears, and coat, ensuring that your dog not only looks great but also feels rejuvenated.

After the bath, your pet will be treated to a relaxing blow-dry and brush, leaving their coat shiny and free from tangles.

At Divine Dog Spa, we understand that each dog is unique, which is why we tailor our Pawsitively Deluxe Bath experience to suit your pet's individual needs and preferences.

Book your furry friend in for a Pawsitively Deluxe Bath today and treat them to a day of pure luxury and indulgence at the Divine Dog Spa!


Experience the luxury of our Pawsitively Deluxe Bath package at our spa locations in various cities, and give your dog the treatment they deserve.

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