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The fashion world has come a full circle. Brands are bracing for a significant returns’ hangover in Europe and the US as customers shift spending online over the high-volume holiday period. And since clothing is particularly more prone to ecommerce returns, it is essential that brands to come up with solutions that can stop. The answer to this question would be customization. It is the only way that allows buyers to buy something they like and fits them perfectly. The best clothing design software is a fashion-tech company that allows brands to reduce cart abandonment issues and enable them to let their customers design the apparel that best suits them. The customization tool is developed to accommodate various changes put forth by buyers from their homes’ comfort. Thus, empowering them to buy an item online and never face the problem of not meeting their requirements.

Online Fashion Designing Software Enable Fashion Houses to Offer Perfect Clothes

The generosity of returns policies varies significantly across the sector, ahead of an expected surge in returns this Christmas season. When people return their bought clothes, it becomes a costly affair for brands, and they are compelled to adopt flexible return policies or else they would lose their customers forever. According to the Vogue Business Index: Winter 2020 Update, cross-channel returns — the ability to buy an item online and take it back in store — is the feature that affluent shoppers worldwide look for most when making high-ticket purchases. Eighty-two percent of luxury consumers rate this feature as important, according to the data.

In the year 2020, brands were forced to shut their shops for the most time. Therefore brands want to leave no stone unturned to attract their customers. Thus, the clothing brands are making an effort by increasing their returns capacity to match the competition companies are exposed to. As consumers are moving online, it has become crucial for fashion houses to offer cross-channel returns. There has been a ten percentage point increase in the share of Vogue Business Index brands offering cross-channel returns in their home market since this time last year, while just over one-third do not offer cross-channel returns. Burberry, for example, now offers refunds for online purchases in stores. These policies’ generosity varies by market: all retailers in Europe and the US offer at least 14 day returns policies, but the standard in China is a week.

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