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Custom Design Hoodies A Cult Tool for Fashion Bran

The fashion industry has embraced changes and worn them like a model would flaunt wearing Prada. This change is an integral part of the fashion industry’s identity that occurs regularly, such as seasonal trends, sustainable measures, customization, and recent digital transformation. The last change in the industry has been the most drastic one as the leading players were caught off-guard, and the year ahead may bring about more dramatic transformation yet. If these transitions seem overwhelming, implement the hoodie customization software that allows brands to accommodate the recent transformation brought in by advancements in technology. The tool allows buyers to design the hoodies as per their choices and preview them using 3d before heading for the final payment. This is the perfect tool to be installed on the website as customers navigate the aftermath of the COVID-19 and seek a more digital, safer, and sustainable shopping mode.

Custom Design Hoodies Offers Robust Business Solutions to Leverage the Digital World

Customization has become an integral part of several brand’s business models. In the past one year, the global custom apparel market was worth about $3.64 billion, and between 2021 and 2028, it is set to grow at a CAGR of 9.7 per cent. In fact, the Asia-Pacific region, especially India and China, accounted for the highest share of 37.6 per cent, where fashion consciousness and ecommerce popularity are growing in a big way. Likewise, North American countries, such as the US and Canada, witnessed the highest demand for t-shirts due to the popularity of outdoor games in their culture. Textile printing companies that seek opportunities to expose their brands to a broader audience in 2021 can rely on the customized apparel, as it offers them a great option to expand their business primarily because personalized clothing becomes increasingly popular as a fashion choice. Everyone wants to feel special! In addition, customized apparel, such as hoodies and t-shirts, are often used to share slogans that raise awareness about social issues. Particularly during the pandemic lockdown, the fashion industry witnessed a surge in ecommerce purchases, as numerous custom clothing brands began selling products that combined comfort with fashion. As a result, the niche industry is only going to grow from here.

As buyers and retailers navigate their ways post the pandemic outbreak, the call for virtual solutions is even more relevant and necessary than ever with the rise in sustainable yet affordable clothing and boom in the recommerce industry with grounds to flourish further in the wake of global economic changes. The glossy fashion events that the industry has become synonymous with will be replaced instead by a growing market for seasonless items as consumers look to make the most out of each purchase, with more change occurring than that of a fashion retailer’s fitting rooms. Let us dig a little deeper and understand the factors that help brands to adhere to the recent changes and take inspiration from them to comply with the digital transformation in their business model.

Here are the elements helping apparel companies to scale up their businesses in the ecommerce trends:

Venturing into Gaming Zone for Wider Audiences

Technology has impacted our lives to an extent where it is unimaginable to live without one. Many leading brands are tapping on this consumer behavior and offering them platforms where buyers can virtually select and try the various products displayed. Likewise, Balenciaga, the high-end luxury label in an ongoing courtship with Epic Games’ Fortnite, has designed four virtual outfits (or “skins”) that players on the gaming platform can purchase, alongside accessories weaponry, and a virtual Balenciaga destination in-game. The activation is running for one week from 20 September and has an IRL element: a limited-edition run of Balenciaga x Fortnite hats, T-shirts, and hoodies are being sold in Balenciaga stores and on its website.

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