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Over one million organizations use Microsoft Teams as their default messaging platform. It is also reported that 91 of the Fortune 100 are currently using Microsoft Teams, confirms Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams has become a lot more efficient in collaboration and collaboration.

It is certainly the most popular business communication service in the world.

Business leaders like you are pleased with remote work, making Microsoft Teams an irreplaceable component of modern workplaces and remote workforces.

However, some of your fellow leaders have utilized this popular collaboration platform to adjust to new situations without considering how this software solution would be utilized for their company in the long run.

Yet, each coin has two sides, so does this renowned tool.

Bad News – Despite the attractiveness of Microsoft Teams and seamless support to remote work environments, it comes with its own baggage of challenges.

Good News – With a reliable Microsoft Teams consulting services partner, you can easily navigate these challenges.

How Can Microsoft Teams Experts Protect Your Collaboration Game?

1.  Microsoft Teams Lifecycle Management

The working stages of your teams are as same as those of development projects.

All Teams accounts are created with a specific objective in mind and are synchronized with an ongoing goal or development project.

So, when a goal or a project is executed, it is critical to acknowledge it and deactivate any Teams accounts that are no longer in use.

The purpose behind this measure is to restrict the ‘no-longer authorized users’ from accessing sensitive or obsolete data.

However, Microsoft Teams accounts are deleted via a ‘soft delete’ feature, which means that your IT team can undo the deletion within 21 days.

Keeping track of all the inactive teams can be impractical given you work in a big organization where several new teams are created and dissolved every day or every week.

So, how do MS teams consulting partners help you in such a situation?

How do they completely automate the process and archive the accounts after a set amount of time?

The resolution offered by MS Teams consultants:

(A) Azure AD (Azure Active Directory) P1

The Teams consulting services provider allows you to employ Azure AD P1 to configure expiration criteria for Microsoft 365 groups. Once a group’s expiration date has been set:

It will be renewed automatically in the event of ongoing or periodic user activity.

It will be deleted if not renewed within 30 days of the time period.

The admin of the group will be alerted when an account is about to expire so they can renew it if necessary.

The admin of the group can restore the deletion within 30 days if the Teams gets deleted due to inactivity.

To configure the expiration policies of a group, the Microsoft Teams Experts assist you in opening the Azure AD admin center, selecting the Group, and then clicking on Expiration.

On the Expiration page, the Microsoft Teams consultant allows you to establish the current duration of the group in days so that it will be subjected to that specific expiration policy and provide an email address for groups without a admin.

2. Integrating Microsoft Teams with Cloud Storage

A SharePoint Online site and a few other services are launched each time you create a Teams Account.

Documents shared in channels or uploaded to the Files section by team members instantly appear in the Document library of their SharePoint Online website.

If your staff uses any cloud service platforms at work, such as Google Drive, ShareFile, Dropbox, etc., there is a possibility that can integrate solutions with Microsoft Teams.

This will allow you to store all your documents in one place or in multiple clouds that are structurally organized.

The Resolution Provided by Your Microsoft Teams Consultancy Services Partner:

(A) Cloud Storage Incorporation

Under Org-wide settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center, click on Files

Select the cloud storage and file-sharing services that will be accessible to your users

After that, navigate to a Teams channel and select the Files tab

Next, integrate cloud storage

Finally, decide which cloud storage service you want to employ

This action takes the Microsoft Teams consulting services Provide the login page for the storage application they chose.

Additionally, with the assistance of MS Teams consultants, you can create a directory to a particular team or channel, and the Files section displays the cloud service as a folder.

3. Unauthorized Guest Access

The capability to invite guests to Microsoft Teams is one of the best features of this online collaboration platform.

Together you and the guest can collaborate on documents, schedule meetings, exchange information, and even make critical business decisions.

However, giving someone access to your company’s internal documents can be risky at the same time.

Ensuring you can still engage with your prospective and existing clients, business partners, and other key stakeholders via Microsoft Teams without incurring the danger of oversharing is, essentially, a challenge solved by your Microsoft Teams consulting partner.

Resolution Provided by Your Microsoft Teams Experts:

(A) Admin Center

The MS Teams consultants are equipped with a thorough knowledge of the tool.

They help you set up exclusive Guest Access policies in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center to prevent the potential leak of sensitive data.

If your business operations need to collaborate with guest users, they help you unlock a certain amount of accessibility, just enough to allow them to collaborate on resolving tasks of mutual concerns, instead of completely disabling this functionality.

For instance, the Microsoft Teams consulting partner can turn off your Team’s screen-sharing feature if you’re worried about accidental data leaks during online meetings.

(B) Sensitivity Labels 

The consultants help you create a sensitivity label for the Team at the time of Teams creation.

This way you can set the sensitivity label to “confidential” if you are certain that this Teams will include highly sensitive data.

This smart move by the Microsoft Teams consultant also helps you prevent your team members from inviting external users and the team will only be accessible to those individuals who work for your organization.

4. External Sharing

Your employees may need to exchange documents with someone outside the company at some point.

To unlock this feature, MS Teams consulting empower you to enable ‘External Sharing’ in Microsoft Teams while keeping an eye on the sharing activities to keep this operation under control.

Resolution Offered by Microsoft Teams Consultancy Services

(A) SharePoint Admin Center

The consultants go to the SharePoint Admin Center to activate advanced external sharing settings

Select Sharing from the Policies Menu

Finally, configure external sharing options by choosing the level of permissions

These configurations are immediately implemented at the organizational level.

Additionally, they help you manage external sharing permissions for each site separately.

The following are more complex External sharing options:

Guest must use the very same account to sign in from which the sharing invitations are sent. Your Microsoft Teams consulting service provider helps you ensure that only guests who have been invited to collaborate are able to access the system by enabling this capability.

Domain-specific sharing restriction is another complex option. Your partner employs it in a situation, for instance, when you don’t want your staff to share information with users from other partner companies or specific accounts.

After a certain number of days, users using verification codes must re-authenticate. Basically, after a predetermined time, this functionality will require your external users to log in if they want to view shared files.

The Microsoft Teams consultant allows you external sharing only for users who belong to particular security groups. With this option, your organization will only allow a limited number of individuals to exchange information with outside users.

Additionally, the Teams consulting helps you restrict the guests from sharing documents or files they don’t own. Guest users can only share those files or documents they have created by default. With this feature, you can restrict guest users from sharing files for which they hold no authorization.

Here’s How MS Teams Consulting Empower Your Business

As you begin to use Microsoft Teams in your daily life, your team will need some time to get comfortable with the tool and harness its entire potential.

It will be wise to leave the configuration of the tool to your employees as this approach doesn't sound promising.

The best decision is to leave each worry related to Microsoft Teams to the Microsoft Teams consultant who –

  • Addresses each issue in depth
  • Guarantees effective resolution
  • Creates customized Teams solutions

And allows you to make the most of Microsoft Teams investment

Currently, you will agree that employing Microsoft Teams has its own set of challenges, and addressing every challenge independently can be a challenging and time-consuming business.

However, if you hire a Microsoft Teams consulting services partner to assist your employees on the optimal Microsoft Teams implementation and solve emerging challenges, your investment will be significantly reduced in the long run against a costly upfront cost.

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