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Due to several name changes, confusion has persisted that AS400 and IBMi are the same things. And this confusion between AS400 software and IBMi has been a significant growth obstacle for enterprises in the market considering IBM technology. Both are like two different fruits or in technical terms it’s like comparing hardware to software. AS400 software is the physical server developed by IBM in 1980s, and IBMi is the latest OS for today’s version of AS400, i.e., IBM Power Systems.

The IBM iSeries software running on the operating system/400 has a long history. And with the long history come several terms and terminology that tend to be “sticky.” And the event is not uncommon. Most of us have minicomputer in our pockets that we call smartphones, though today’s phones hold little similarity to the old generation stationary rotary phone. Today we might call electrical burners as stove, but they have gone through a total evolutionary in those decades and reached here from the original cast-iron stoves. But we still use and misuse (sometimes) the names of several products in our daily life.

Similar is the case with AS400 software and IBMi. Even in the IT sector, many people believe that these are two different iterations of the same technology. But the truth is that they refer to very other things, which has caused a lot of confusion. This confusion between as400 software and iSeries software has been a falling block to digital transformation for enterprises in the market considering IBM technology.



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From a midsize organization to large manufacturers, retailers, and banks, many organizations use IBM AS400 for their smooth business operations. Furthermore, you can also find IBM AS400 in government institutions. Everyone is using AS/400, but at some points, they are concerned about the future, as IBM keeps making changes continuously. Read the blog to the end, and you will understand what the future of AS400 holds for you.

Who’s using IBMi?

It’s tough to estimate the actual number of IBMi users, but according to IBM’s previous calculation, around 120,000 organizations were using IBM AS400. If we assume that the yearly base of IBMi users is shrinking at the rate of 3% annually, the figures set around 110,000 organizations using the software. Integrative Systems is one of the silver business partners of IBM, and you can go through the website to know how we are helping IBM AS/400 users with our services.

The Demography and Geography of IBM AS400 Installation

IBM has broken its marketing cap into two main camps, i.e., large companies with more than 1000 employees and small and medium-sized companies with less than 1000 employees.

According to IBM – “30% of IBM AS400 clients are large companies and 70% business comes from small and medium-sized companies.” (IBM report, 2016)

According to the IBM, AS400 Strategy and Roadmap Report of 2016 – the IBM installation base is changing rapidly, and 70% of its business came from North America, Western Europe, and Japan.

In 2019, this percentage changed, and the number increased to 80%.

This data clearly shows that the market expansion is boosting sales, and in countries like Japan, which is the largest market for IBM AS400, organizations are spending millions on this platform.


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IBM iSeries is not an isolated system, as it is connected to multiple devices, databases, and networks. Almost every file or object stored on the IBMi has exposure to Ransomware as it does not discriminate. It can harm each object that is easily accessible. Moreover, it can also damage the data of access connected devices and mapped network drives and leave organizations feeling paralyzed. To counter the issue, organizations need an anti-ransomware program. The iSecurity anti-ransomware will protect the organization’s data from attacks. Just go through the blog to get in-depth knowledge of iSecurity working and how it helps IBM AS400 enabled organizations.

What is iSecurity Anti-Ransomware?

Ransomware can be defined as a malicious program that generally originates from a hacked PC device and contains the victim’s files using a public key generated from another computer. That key is used to decrypt the encrypted files, and hackers demand money from the original data owner and release the ticket after a hefty amount is paid to them. iSecurity anti-ransomware is a program that protects IBM AS400 files and objects against a ransomware attack.

Features of iSecurity Anti-Ransomware

  • The program identifies the Ransomware, and delay/stops it in real-time.
  • The IBM iSecurity can also detect unknown Ransomware as per other indications.
  • IBM AS/400 iSecurity program also incorporates malware honeypots to distract/delay the Ransomware from entering original company objects.
  • Accurate and fast detection of Ransomware.



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What does Application Outsourcing Means?

Application outsourcing is a general term for outsourcing business processes. The process involves many phases like – software life cycle development, consulting and maintenance related services. Application outsourcing services also includes design, testing, or production-related services.

For AS400 i Series outsourcing services mean, businesses rely on a third-party company to get their work done in order to avoid the burden of doing the work in-house. Recent advancements in cloud computing services have made application outsourcing possible at remote locations. And this single revolution has given many businesses the option to outsource the work to a range of third-party i Series AS400 services providers.

Why IBM iSeries AS400 Need Modernization?

Large organizations often run mission-critical workloads on AS400 software that are older, expensive to maintain, and difficult to operate. Today, many organizations want to modernize their existing AS400 applications to gain higher scalability and cost benefits. Still, not every organization has the needful resources and experienced in-house team to complete the task. In such a scenario, application outsourcing is the best option.

How (AS400) Technology Transformation Can Help You Become a Cognitive Enterprise?

In various industries, today’s modern skillset did not live a decade ago—for example, technologies like AI, cloud computing, and machine learning.

But as the world of technologies is expanding, organizations worldwide have an excellent opportunity to change the way they manage their business process. Organizations using AS400 iSeries technology can develop digital initiatives in the existing business process, thus accelerate the overall process.



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Web applications have become an essential part of the business world. Most organizations use such applications for increasing the efficiency of their internal operations. Web applications are opening a plethora of opportunities for many companies, and local businesses are going global with web applications. Web applications are the first point of contact (POC) of employees with your brand, hence are the new frontier in business. Organizations should avoid cost-cutting in such an important project and ensure that the internal stakeholders create a positive brand image in their minds.

So, there is no surprise that most enterprises are looking to develop a web application for their brand. And, now the few most crucial questions arise while organizations have decided to create a web application. Questions like, on which platform the application should be developed and how much it will cost? In this post, we have tried to answer your queries in detail.

Why Should You Choose .Net for Application Development?

.Net is changing the whole concept of application development, as the millennials have started internet access through their tablets and smartphones. For them, it is the most convenient and cost-effective method for accessing information online. So, businesses need to think about application development in a whole new way.

According to Studies:

Application developed on .net platform have more chances of being stable & averse to getting hacked in comparison to another available platform.

Well-designed .net apps from an experienced .net development company will help your business to stay ahead of the competitors.


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IBM iSeries software was designed to stand the test of time. Released around 30 years ago, the software is alive and kicking. AS400 software is the only software from IBM in which Microsoft has shown interest.

Whether you call it AS400 software, IBMi, iSeries, or System i, the OS400 server has always been integrated OS, including an IBM DB2 relational database. The software can run on IBM’s UNIX OS, the open-source Linux OS, and AIX 5L.

The AS400 software is widely considered the best OS in the universe because of its solid architecture and uptime of 99.9%, which is faster than any other system.

Every one or two years, IBM AS400 software releases an upgraded version of the software. And now, IBM has announced the modern approach to license compliance via IBM authorized SAM provider, known as IASP.

IBM has announced a new, more admirable, approach to license compliance – via the IBM Authorized SAM Provider Offering “Independent Auxillary Storage Pool” (IASP).

For now, it’s an invitation program only. And, the customers who qualify for the program, IBM will allow them to work with authorized IASP partners to monitor IBM usage continuously. Previously, IBM had an LMO program that was developed to provide the same services. But now the program has been disabled and no longer available for IBM AS400 iSeries customers.



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“AS400” and “green screen” have become synonyms now, and you will get various articles and blogs out there describing the platform – but none of them paint a simple and easy to remember picture for the audience. All the information about AS400 is very disorganized and hence difficult to consume or comprehend for a non-technical business reader.

In this blog, we have deeply analysed the IBM AS400, i.e., apart from its “green screen” identity and brought together a lot of different pieces of information on AS400 – so that when you finish reading this blog – you leave better informed. Also, the blog is written by keeping CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, IT developers, and vendors in mind, who think of it still being a green screen software. This single thought has wasted millions of dollars on failed projects, and to some of the people, have costed their job.

What Actually AS400 is?

IBM AS400 or IBM iSeries or IBMi is an application server used by large organizations because of its proven scalability, security, robustness, and low cost of ownership (TCO – Total cost of ownership) compared to IBM mainframe (IBM z)

Every company that used AS400 wants to reap the benefits of its large volume data storage capacity and valuable information stored in it.

Also, the introduction of new technologies forces companies to modernize AS400 systems and harness more excellent value. However, due to some limitations, companies face more significant challenges to update the AS400 systems.

But in the case of AS/400 systems, IBM does not charge customers based on transactions, i.e. (MIPS – Million Instructions per Second), instead it is a sunk cost. In simple words, it’s not that difficult or expensive to modernize the AS400 systems, and the updated version will deliver benefits like – reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), transparency in hidden data, and increased system responsiveness while delivering enduring business value.

The footprints of AS400 are extensive in the IT landscape. Several technologies and supporting software are involved in the process; a one-stop solution provider for AS400 modernization is likely to succeed.


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If you are worried about your IT projects, which are creating a big hole in your business’ budgets, it is your turn to switch on to the .Net framework. The object-oriented programming features of .Net and the re-usable code can reduce your operation cost to a large extent.

Dot Net ( written as .Net) is a product of Microsoft and Dot Net Framework (written as .Net Framework) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It is a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform for building various types of applications. .Net is safe to use code base and ensures easy deployment with a controlled code sharing setting and facilitates multiple versions of your application to run on the same machine.

How do Dot NET and Dot NET framework work?

Dot NET is versatile with which you can use multiple languages, libraries to build for web, desktop, mobile, games, editors, and many more. In other words, Dot Net is a framework that provides you a guiding principle that can be used to develop many applications––ranging from web to mobile to Windows-based applications. The Dot NET framework can work with various programming languages such as C#, C++, VB.NET, and F#.

It has two key components the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Dot Net Framework Class Library (FCL). Its unique feature is its language interoperability i.e. each language can use code written in other languages, across several programming languages. The CLR is an execution engine that is used to handle running programs such as security, memory management etc. The computer code written using .Net Framework is called managed code. FCL and CLR together create the Dot Net Framework.


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Is your out-of-the-box application not enough to cope up with your evolving business needs? A custom software solution might be the answer.

Technology is transforming the way we purchase, sell, or look at things. With custom software development services, businesses can unlock potential and can get the much-needed fuel of growth. The customized software has the potential to reconcile your business game ultimately. Now a question that arises in front of every company in the digital economy- whether to take advantage of custom software development services or continue with the preconfigured and existing software product. Before making any decision, it is necessary to understand the benefits of custom software application development. It will benefit business owners to decide.

Custom software is designed for a specific set of needs, like:

  • A field service equipment maintenance program for a manufacturer
  • An online food delivery app designed for the unique needs of the company and its customers


The custom application makes your business ready for the future for the evolving need of your users. With custom web applications, you will get an excellent platform with a practical solution, smart designs good architecture, and a clean code. Furthermore, customized software will come with the guarantee of your business success.

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What Makes IBM Power10 Unique from AS400 Systems?

You must have heard about the launch of IBM Power10 Systems that was announced by IBM last year. It is now officially confirmed that IBM will begin shipping the first set of Power10 servers in the second half of 2021. The innovative Power10 processor will offer three times more performance and 2.6 times more efficiency than AS400 systems. According to IBM, such power and efficiency will bolster hybrid cloud, AI, and security workloads in upcoming years.

Power10 for IBMi, AIX, and Linux

Power10 will offer impressive performance improvement and hardware updates in comparison to its predecessors, like AS400 systems. But without the availability of hardware until next year, we will not know how Power10 affects IBM I, AIX, and Linux. After availing hardware, IBM will release new operating systems that will provide the advantage of Power10 hardware capabilities in terms of security, speed, encryption, virtual machine, and data transfer.

Impressive Architecture Specs

The specs and architecture of IBM Power10 Systems are quite impressive. The new setup is based on a 7nm process, and IBM cram 18 billion transistors on a 602 sq mm piece of silicon. This is much better than the power9 transistors, which was built on a 14 nm process. The latest version of the chip features 128 MB of L3 cache, and L2 comes with a size of 32 MB, but in reality, it shines as a mixture of advanced I/O and memory sharing capabilities to extend IBM’s lead.

IBM has partnered with Samsung Electronics for the manufacturing part, and the company has manufactured two versions of Power10.

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