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Partnering with a third-party vendor for projects that require short-term human capital makes financial sense. Finding a great partner can be a challenge. A Google search for software consulting companies results in an overwhelming number of results. It is important to avoid a vendor whose main mission is to serve as a body provider; you want a partner that shares your values and is willing to share your risks and rewards. You want a partner with a development team expertise to deliver solutions you need when you need them, prudently manages your budget, and takes great pride in what they deliver.

If you put in the effort and find such a partner, the benefits will pay huge dividends. You will have quickly expanded your company’s ability to deliver product to market more quickly and effectively as your partner becomes an extension of your company and development team.

Some Key factors in choosing a partner

  • Outline your needs and expectations; do they meet them.
  • What is their development methodology?
  • What is their expertise – no one company can be everything to everyone
  • Talk to their leadership and development teams
  • Ask tough questions – failed projects and partnerships, pricing, resource planning
  • Ask for and call on their references
  • Look for red flags – do you feel any hesitation?
  • Is the partner aligned with your values and philosophy?


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RPG is a high-level fully procedural programming language used by businesses to create commercial business applications on IBM’s leading minicomputer system, the AS400 or iSeries. RPG has gained wide acceptance and has evolved massively since its inception. Today several ERP’s and mission critical business applications, are written in RPG based on RPG IV, because it is enabled to provide an interactive programming environment to AS400 RPG Programmers. With state-of-the-art security features and seamless integration with IoT and Watson AI; IBMi is the platform of choice for secure and data heavy business applications.

RPG has a very rich legacy and it is known to be one of the finest high level programming languages. Let us share a glimpse into the journey of RPG from a report generator tool to an ILE compatible programming language.

In 1960’s, RPG was upgraded to RPG II following the development of the IBM System/3. One of the most noteworthy aspect was the fixed format programming offered by RPG II. This meant code was written in fixed format in order to standardize the software creation process and generate the desired output.

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For several mid and large businesses, AS400 has been a preferred choice to run several mission critical ERP’s to streamline business operations. As businesses expand and emerging technologies disrupt various processes, enterprises are exploring ways to reduce the cost of supporting and maintaining AS400 applications. This is coupled with the need to enable faster application delivery, gain clear visibility into how IT impacts the business and reduce manual effort. This is driving enterprises to consider AS400 migration initiatives to significantly improve system agility, scalability and operational efficiencies.

And this is one of the key reasons, there is an ever-increasing demand to modernize, migrate and integrate AS400 applications.

AS400 Migration is a broad term that is used to deploy- the portfolios of AS400 applications -on the cloud to reduce cost and increase scalability, without any modifications.

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False assumptions, myths, and beliefs obstruct the communication and software development process. Myths like – Are custom software development services slow, complicated, and expensive? It does not essentially have to be that way. 

Many companies decide to go for custom software development services after much advising and analyse all aspects, to solve a specific problem or improve the existing business process. However, they get carried away by certain "myths" and end-up acquiring the wrong software. 
This blog is intended to clarify confusion, myths, and assumptions related to custom software development, as they confuse business owners, managers, end-users, and developers themselves. Moreover, it's necessary for you to remember that each software solution must be based on your company's real-time needs and be well informed before making any decision. It is better to develop the software than to buy pre-configured solutions. 


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Software has become an integral part of every business, regardless of industry or vertical. While some organizations are purely based on software, other industries like construction and transportation are transforming themselves through software.

After going through this article, you will know about the importance of custom software and why you should hire a custom software solutions provider company for the development of your software.


What is a Custom Software?

Many business owners are still not aware of custom software or what exactly custom software development is? Custom application development means creating software as per your business requirements. The customized software is specially designed for businesses to let them achieve their desired goals.

Custom software solutions are designed to ensure the smooth functioning of a predefined process. The specific target in business is strictly individual and cannot be achieved by integrating wholesome market software products available. Like any other software development, custom software development solutions undergo various stages to get the final version ready.


Why should an Organization Get a Custom Software Built?

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is one of the most important reasons why an organization would build custom software solutions. The custom solution can help an organization to get an edge over competitors in terms of fast working, more efficient than earlier, and serve more clients in less period. A great example of competitive advantage is how Amazon wiped out Barnes, Nobel, and Borders. Another example is how Robo-advisor, like Wealthfront and Personal capital, has made a significant move in the financial sector.

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