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Developing mobile app for ensuring enterprise grow

Ever since mobile applications have primarily become a lifestyle necessity, apps are constantly changing and in ways to provide them with satisfaction and luxury. Every mobile app development company across the globe develops apps for a different industry is benefiting businesses as well as users.


In addition, mobile applications have different merits for different industries:


1. Audience building: As mobile app usage gets more and more with technological up-gradation, companies are opting for digital methods like mobile application development to enhance the capabilities of the business. Mobile applications make users comfortable to interact with them. Mobile apps are the most important benefit for small or large companies in the industry to build an audience. Therefore, they are only collecting consumers with the help of mobile apps, which is undoubtedly the best strategy.


2. Builds goodwill: The mobile application is a one-stop solution for showcasing products and services as well as taking all important information based on the brand. The latest services and products are displayed on an application and can be promoted through online advertisements. This increases sales of products and services while keeping promotional costs down.


3. Business Strategies Analytics: Businesses can track essential analytics with the help of some visitors. Most of the time is spent on products, applications, and mobile applications, as analytics marketing and advertising, need to be precise to the target audience.


4. Competitive advantage for businesses: Different companies within an industry do not use their mobile applications to their full potential, and some companies have not yet developed a mobile app. This gives benefits for one who is working hard with their mobile application for business. Although the competition in this area is not so high, it is still giving a significant advantage.


5. Helping small businesses to cater to customer needs: Various mobile applications can be developed for businesses, keeping in mind that it is much cheaper to use an app for development. Most businesses are skeptical because they are not aware of what the cost of building an app is, and this leads to a higher cost assumption. However, this is not the case. Once it is developed, a mobile app is the best tool to promote your business.


6. Ease of payment: Industries like travel and ecommerce etc. often require online payment methods for the products and services. Safe and secure payment is one reason why businesses develop a mobile app. Applications can be built with secure payment options, gaining the trust of consumers who trust websites to make payments. The secure payment option is the best and most profitable benefit of a mobile app for small businesses.


7. Business revenue and sales growth: The industries aim to make a big pool for new opportunities in the digital market to make things implemented through mobile app development strategies for their campaigns. As smartphone users are getting a tremendous increase with every day, sales are also increasing, meeting user needs. Mobile applications are very efficient in ensuring the level of development in a short time.


8. Maintaining Regular Customers: Another important and most essential feature of a mobile application for business is that it provides a hurdle-free experience on consumer support queries. Companies can retain their potential customer that helps them in attracting them through offers such as discount vouchers, coupons, etc.


9. Delivering a Push messages: Push messages can be delivered to the customers on the best rate for saving the money of the business firms. This is one of the most prominent ways and is highly efficient in making the conversion of every potential visitor into a customer. Some best offer, when sending through push notification of any mobile app, can create a broader positive impact on the business.


It is easy to find a mobile application development company for your business in the United States and around the world. Other ways to see is like hiring best in class developer by making research on Google, that can fit best as per your business needs and has the optimum experience to deliver an efficient mobile app. If you are keen on mobile application development for your business, contact us at We have an excellent team of mobile app developers who develop apps as per the requirement of the customers and preferences of the business.


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In the year 2019, as per the Statista, the Google play store has 2 million & at the Apple Store has over 1.83 million apps. Now, if that is the competition, enterprises should do things differently to view their mobile applications.


Mobile application performance optimization can become an essential differentiating factor here as customer waiting is one of the biggest business sins in today's rapidly emerging economy.


Businesses today are investing a lot in application design and features, but usually, forget work and research on mobile app performance optimization.


If the user gets a slow and lagged app, they will not sign to see what's next.


Therefore, technology leads should prioritize improving the performance of their app as the faster the app, the better it will be for the business.


Even Facebook knows that optimizing the performance of mobile applications is the key to success. They are working on a modified version of the "Messenger" app for iOS, which will be less than 30 MB in size.


With a multitude of embedded services on Messenger, it was slower to navigate than competitors such as "Signal" and "iMessage."


On Facebook, a new version of the application is expected to focus on team speed in 2 seconds; that is, a very profitable step towards improving mobile application performance.


Advantages one reaps with mobile app performance optimization:


Performances are related to how rapidly the app loads its content and gives the output on the request made by the end-users. Naturally, it means performance needs to be considering seriously.


Here are some benefits you need to keep an eye on so that the motivation to work on performance optimization of the app is never far away.


1) Improved optimization reduces slow rendering:


User interface "rendering" means of extracting a frame from the app's view file and showcasing it on the screen. The speed with which these frames are rendered defines the performance of the actual mobile app.


The considerable ideal speed of rendering is equal to 16ms for 60 frames in second.


In the case, the rendering process is reduced, resulting in slower working, skipping (dropping) frames, and stutter (junk) in the app that can ultimately reduce or screw the user experience.


By providing performance optimization tools for mobile apps such as profile GPU render or hierarchical viewer, slow rendering can be easily dealt with.


Thus customization is appropriate for business owners to implement as it will help to offer:

1.  A significant boost to application performance
2.  Improve SEO performance
3.  Increase customer satisfaction
4.  Better customer retention


2) A considerable push time to load content

The speed at which the app first loads determines whether the user will continue to use it. To be precise, "launching time" defines the user's first impression, and if that goes wrong, everything else is out of place.


According to a Forbes study, the business app can make a lasting first impression in 7 seconds. So, if your business-oriented app starts testing the patience of users, then you are sending them directly to your competitors.


Not a good sign at all!


Furthermore, as per the research made by ThinkWithGoogle, 70% of users are likely to leave the app due to high loading time.


Technological inventions and the power of AI are further making things complicated. In the rush and haste to build the app, businesses have focused on compromising the speed of the app.


This is where time can be saved by optimization and the day by working on application launching time and content load time. The idea is to create a loading time to mimic the Lightning Bolt. The positive effect of doing this will help:


1. Some less and better reviews
2. Better rate of getting and maintaining users
3. Better overall user engagement


3) Leading path to excellent user experience


According to a Forrester report, app users usually spend most of their time on five apps. Frankly, no business will be part of those five apps. Where everyone tries to make a difference, not everyone succeeds.


1. The main culprit is the poor performance of the mobile app, prompting the user to experience the previous phase of the app.
2. The thing is that for an app to perform optimally for excellent user experience, three things require space, which are:
3. The app should respond well to its users - whenever asked, do so in the same manner
4. The speed at which the app works - the app has a full interface and minimally designed interface.
5. The results given by the app must be relevant - The results given by the app must be relevant - is the app working as it is promised to do so, i.e., is it fulfilling the requirement for which it is designed?


Users must stay - are users receiving the price you pay?

Implementing a mobile application performance optimization strategy gets this job done correctly, ensuring a great user experience. This helps spark end-to-end performance leading to a satisfied user base on the whole. In simple words, it helps in optimization:


  • Increased loyalty and user retention
  • Increased satisfaction at each touch point.


4) One step towards the "customer-first" approach

Customers are the king to a business, and it is only recently that any new money-making effort has realized the secret to success, that is, satisfying the target audience.


It is the business's responsibility to take the needs of its customers first before they can focus their attention. And, by aiming at the performance of the mobile app, they are meeting the time and demands.


The simple fact is:


If technology has allowed customers to stay connected 24/7, the business should ensure that the app performs better at all levels.


Do not work hard to attract users; work hard to make your experience worthful, which is only possible when one can initiate mobile app performance optimization.


The result of optimizing the user experience at each level will be:


1.      A strong and long-lasting relationship with customers
2.      Achieving Big Goals - Better Sales


5) Boost your brand image

The faster a mobile app is, the better it is for people and the people who design it.


Where users enjoy comfort with an app, which gets reflected in the best and smooth user experience, business owners gain consumer attraction and benefits in the form of brand image and increased revenue.


According to one study, 21% of users abandon an app after one use. This means that a user with a poor "one-time" experience is more likely to uninstall the application.


This can be seen in the traditional store where a busy sales representative, who fails to pay attention to the customer, loses the opportunity to generate sales.


So, why should you risk the reputation of businesses? Because even a one-second delay in the response can reduce the conversion.


That is why; this mobile application should become a ritual for implementing performance optimization, which, in turn, helps:


  1. Build high goodwill and brand image
  2. Gain a competitive edge in the market
  3. Increase in overall sales and revenue.


Summing up:

Creating a mobile app for your business is indeed extremely important in today's tech-driven age, but what makes a difference to a losing mobile app can only be measured in terms of its performance. If an app's sign-up page responds too slowly in submitting user-data, then the entire effort to launch the application is simply a waste.


Thus, the path to success is incomplete despite the performance optimization of mobile applications. This would be the best run of an enterprise to carve a sustainable application experience into the hearts of its users. However, if you are inexperienced about achieving that level of experience, it is recommended to reach out to an experienced mobile app development company. Ultimately, maximizing app downloads and retention of the user should never be missed.


Contact us now!


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Safeguarding Mobile Apps with cyber-security threa

The total number of apps present on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store exceeds 5 million. The exposure of developers and the advanced apps being launched every day has increased the cyber security risks. According to a research report by Gartner, more than 75 percent of mobile apps fail core tests of security.


Advancement in technology has increased the number of smartphone users. This number is set to cross the figure of just 5 billion this year. Smartphones have indeed made our life smoother and easier, but has also been a comfortable place for cybercrimes and criminals.


The data get steal, leaking personal information in the public domain, and trying to cripple the entire ecosystem of smartphones.


Cyber ??criminals also have a ball as the number of mobile app downloads is increasing rapidly.


But before talking about the strategy of obtaining mobile applications against cyber threats, it is mandatory to talk about the major types of cyber security threats.


Major Cyber security threats


1. Cross-device cyber threat

Cross-device threat comes when apps allow smartphone users to download applications from a computer to a smartphone device before and after.


2. App Store Security

More than 90 percent of mobile applications suffer from cyber-security threats. The risk of such cyber-attacks on Android gadgets is high, as they investigate a vast range of devices, operating needs of the system, and the App Store. Apple is more secure because it has its full control over the hardware and provides access higher to the level of apps.


3. IoT Hardware

IoT devices are for collecting the data and use it for smart decision taking. However, Android enables the machine to create a connection with other systems. This process enhances safety and can be removed by hand at any time.


4. Mobile Malware

Gadgets are always vulnerable to Trojan attacks, spy ware, viruses, and malware. They are a direct tool for hackers to steal data.


5. Illegal Access

Digital accounts including banks, social media, email and other applications, gets exposed to unauthorized access.


How to safeguard mobile apps against dangerous web threats?


Mobile device management

The online security of the app depends mostly on the device, the user is using. Both iOS and Android operating systems behave differently and you have to opt different approach for different operating system for ensuring optimum security. Developers should understand the fact that data stored on any gadgets have the ability to cause breach in security.


App wrapping

App wrapping separates your mobile applications from the rest of the devices by capturing them in a secure area. Developers using the MDM provider get this option. By setting some parameters, you can secure the app without any coding.


Secure user authentication

It is necessary to deploy secure user authentication and authorization to protect any mobile application. It is important to establish the fact that a real user is running an app to prevent their access from hackers and malware.


Harden the operating system

There are many ways to harden the operating system for extra security of your mobile app. Apple has been a torchbearer to implement ironclad security features with iOS. To protect iOS apps, you'll need to read quarterly reviews of Apple's Security Guide, stay up-to-date on the latest code samples, and understand static business tools.


Ensure API Security

Always be sure to leverage the API to handle all the data and business logic of the mobile app. APIs ensure the security of data in any state, including transit or remaining static. This is one of the crucial features of the mobile app.


Wrapping up:

Remember, before you protect your mobile app against dangerous cyber security threats, it is important to identify what potential threats you are fighting. After all, you cannot find a solution without understanding the essence of the problem. You have to do it all at the time of mobile app development.


Once you identify security threats on your mobile app, it will definitely become easier for you to deal with the actual threat.


If you fail to follow the above practices to avoid mobile security threats, you may lose your confidential data, resulting in heavy losses. Therefore, do not be a representative right now and work towards reducing cybercrime today.


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Magento is one of the most reliable ecommerce platforms for developing e-store whereas the Magento development stores have significant advantages as compared to other e-commerce platforms. As per the study, 240,000 online businesses are using Magento, and the number is still growing. However, choosing a Magento platform for your site won’t take you anywhere instead, you need to select the best Magento developer or the Magento development company who will thoroughly understand your business needs’ along with that they will also help to give you best Magento solution.

Below are the given essential skills that you need to consider while making your choice:

Understanding Your Requirements First

There are various Magento companies or developers in the Market but, before developing an eCommerce store, you need to have better clarity in terms of what exactly you want. Therefore, the best suggestion would be to note down a business plan to move further ahead in the direction. So, if you are not clear and sure about the kind of platform you need, then the project will get hampered. Henceforth, having a clear visualization will let you explain everything better to the developer.


Before deciding any Magento development company, do consider their previous work experience. Check their prior projects which they have completed, their technical skills, professional capability and the ability of the Magento developer to execute the Magento project successfully. Therefore, only an experienced company can adequately handle the obstacle and the technical challenges which come in between the development processes.

Pricing Policy

Make a proper inquiry about the pricing and the packages of Magento development company you have chosen to work with because it is essential to have a sound knowledge about the flexibility, which the development company will provide’ in any case of emergency changes required. Therefore, do ask them prior, whether they will charge for any additional work. Therefore, a

Magento Development Company you choose should give you a proper pricing policy’ to avoid further confusions and misunderstandings.


As portfolio speaks a lot about the developer and the company you are approaching. So, by looking at the portfolio, one can get a fair idea about their working style and the skills of the company. Besides, you will also get to know about the projects delivered by the company and their commitment to the work and how much committed they are. So, regardless of your choice of for consulting with a Magento ecommerce development company or individual Magento developer, you should always ask them for their portfolio. Therefore, it will help them to showcase their real success of the development company by showing the commitment towards the client’s requirement.


Quality should be the first priority’ if a company wants to build a successful ecommerce Magento store. So, check out for the companies those who are CMMi certified or have ISO 9001 certification because they are the one who can provide you high-quality Magento solutions, as well as can help you ensure with the stability and consistency with an efficient process.

Online Reviews

Online reviews play a significant role while choosing a company or a developer. So, do check all the reviews about the company as well as the developer with the help of internet because there are various platforms like yelp and, where companies are being audited. Where you can read their real-time customer reviews and see their rating, from those who have developed their website with those companies.


Communication is the essential aspect’ so make sure that the company has a proper communication channel. Right from the project starting till the ending phase, one needs to be in constant touch’ with development team whereas the project manager who is managing your store should be capable of understanding your requirements and suggestions for making the improvements. Therefore, the company should be using the best communication channels, for the continuous and uninterrupted flow of information. Henceforth, don’t forget to check whether the developers, have excellent communication skills, especially when you choose to work with an offshore development company.


Post-development support 

Building an e-store in Magento is not completed, despite if it goes live. Therefore, it should be frequently checked and occasionally updated for the interrupted flow of a process. Henceforth, make sure that the development company which you choose signs an agreement’ before starting the process, and it should be clearly specified, that they will provide a post development support.

So, for wrapping up e-commerce is the need of an hour where Magento is the suitable platform to showcase all your products to the end users. Therefore, in this highly competitive industry, one cannot afford to make mistakes, which can lead to the failure of the online business. Henceforth, it is very essential that the Magento certified developer or the company which you choose has a required experience or the skill-set to deliver your expected results.

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