The burgeoning technology and digitization have started making users want everything at their fingertips. In this digital era, making the most of mobile devices is the need of the hour. The paradigm shifts in digital trends have surge people's interest. Right from booking movie tickets to nightclubs and special events, everything is handy now. This boosts the need to develop a ticket booking mobile app.  

 Event Tickets Booking Mobile App – Overview 

An event ticket booking mobile app has outshined as a solution to the tedious process of booking tickets either by standing for hours in the queue or via web booking. With the help of a mobile app, one can easily create their account and save the dates of the events they wish to attain. The app has made it possible for people to book their favorite seats or check the next event's dates. The event booking mobile app provides a seamless ticket booking experience and takes the users through a hassle-free process. One can make their reservation remotely via a mobile app sitting at any corner of the world. 

The event ticket booking mobile apps not only allow you to book tickets it also introduces the user to interesting places if he/she is new to that city. It helps people meet the like-minded people that draw their attention. If you have installed the app, you will be displayed the relevant information like event dates, timings, venue, ticket price, etc.  

Such a ticket booking app spread awareness about any festival celebration going on in the city. For instance, Dandiya Nights are among the biggest festive celebrations where people of different areas come together at a particular venue and enjoy the Navratri evenings. One can learn about the celebration's details on the event booking apps and book their tickets.   

With so much to offer, the ticket booking app has gradually been installed on over half the population’s phones. It creates a win-win situation for both businesses and the users as it is available to a huge number of users and gives them hassle-free access to the online ticket booking process. 


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Websites were the only medium in the early phase of Internet evolution to showcase your online presence. In that era, mostly websites had single page with short descriptions of business and contact number. Well, the game is totally changed now, website are no more the only channel to inform people about your business offering, in fact the phenomena of promotion changed from then.

And look where we are,

Mobile apps, social media platforms, web apps, enterprise apps are some of the common source through which the operations are performed.

So let’s start from the root,

What Exactly Is Web Application Development?

A web app is simply a page that is intentionally designed to be interactive. It allows users to provide records and retrieve data through a variety of interactions. They originated mainly with the software as a service (SaaS) drive.

Web applications are similar to all other programs, but the Web’s main advantage is that it is stored on the Internet and accessible through a browser. This is why they have a very close relationship with the server, as it sends many requests. One of the best examples of web application development is Google Docs. It allows you to create documents, save them to your computer or Google Drive account, share them with colleagues, print and downloads them in various formats.

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It is indeed a fact; Android is the maximum demanded mobile running device with a market percentage of 85% and over 3.04 million apps within the Google Play Store, which includes primary apps like web browsers, calendars, social media apps, video games, or mobile business apps.

Android OS grabs the entire eye in terms of growing mobile apps. Android apps are smooth to apply and will lead the mobile app industry in upcoming years. The increasing popularity and transport of products & services name for Android app development to adapt to today’s trends and technologies.

Android app development has experienced breakthroughs, particularly supported through enhanced user experience. You ought to comply with the latest trends to live ahead within a higher level of competition in the mobile app industry.

As of June 2020, there were 2.96 million apps published in the Google Play Store, according the data of Statista. While the Android operating system leads the pack for market share globally, it’s interesting to learn that competition is much lighter here than in the Apple App Store.

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Smartphones have changed the manner people perceive services and products. With Uber’s arrival for X business models, the intense capability makes them an inseparable part of the digital global. The fashion of mobile app development services has come to be a channel for brand attention, in place of the enterprise of its personal. Small or huge, each company seeks to make its enterprise greater applicable and best, as at least, to consumers via mobile apps.

Now, what’s the point of developing a poor mobile app experience if you have an extraordinary app concept like Uber? At Panacea Infotech, we have a dedicated Uber clone app development team, who has to this point developed various Uber clone apps. They observed the necessity to maintain you all updated with the native app development benefits. The primary recognition of local apps is to offer users seamless performance, which leads to successful app development in this tech-driven world. Uber taxi has done 18.7 million trips per day on average Q1 2020, according to Uber Investor.

World of Native Mobile App Development

The native application is a software program application specially designed to run on a particular platform, iOS, or Android. This utility offers great performance and has the advantages of recent technologies together with GPS, compared to web apps across many systems. Native mobile apps can get entry to the integrated capabilities of cell phones as the digital camera and microphone with default aid. Native mobile apps are written in platform-unique languages like Java, Swift, Object-C.

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The ever-changing world of digital marketing is forcing companies to keep up with evolving marketing trends. In the digital age, where more and more companies are moving online, a good social campaign or paid advertising strategy that worked effectively in 2020 may not work in 2021. Digital Marketing is intertwined and there are several basics that a new marketing person needs to know. Business owners and marketers need the right tools that AI-based and strategies to overcome this moment. Digital platforms provide a link between marketers and the customers which should be deployed dynamically.

Check what you can do to keep your online positioning in place with digital marketing services.

Most Preferred Strategies For Successful Digital Marketing Plan

Use targeted marketing techniques. 

There are several ways to reach the target group. One of the main advantages of targeted marketing is that you can create exclusive campaigns for diverse audiences. You can target a selected group of people with a wide range of professional services. Targeted ads will get the right message to the right target group, which also makes this method convenient and affordable.

The strategy to be solved is to divide into segments to find users more accurately. Fortunately, digital marketing tools can now connect with consumers. Whether an organization addresses users more accurately depends on the data used.

Customize your marketing strategies

COVID-19 almost completely ended the retail phase, but brands grew in sales through e-commerce and direct-to-consumer marketing offers. Digital marketing is a new way to motivate users through their websites and applications. The rapid shift to digital marketing is its response to retail, which is still in a slump and may not recover for a while due to customer separations caused by customer fears. Brands that have focused their marketing efforts on brand awareness need to act quickly to personalize digital marketing.

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In this digital evolution, the ideas of mobile app development have changed the technological world. The mobile platform offers you the most effective way to work upon your unique business idea. We reside in an era where mobile apps are interlinked to every little aspect of our lives. Giving your business idea a new direction by introducing useful apps will be a great idea to kickstart your business in the year 2021. A mobile app is a natural marketing tool, as well.   


A mobile application idea can give your business a new winning look. Many renowned brands are making the most of mobile apps. For example, L’Oreal. The brand combined Augmented Reality to make a virtual makeup app. Being a fashion brand, letting customers try on their favorite makeup gave the app an emphatic response around the world.    


Why use mobile apps for business?   

With mobiles being handy to access the internet from any corner of the world, mobile apps’ importance cannot be overlooked. The mobile application is the most potent business tool in 2021. And there are plenty of reasons to support it.   


#1 Reason   


Mobile traffic is predicted to increase by 2025 

In one of its reports, Statista revealed the global trend and usage pattern of people around the world. The above statistics suggested that online is the future of business. Especially when mobile app development is surging

Undoubtedly, this trend is here to stay and continue to grow its importance. With the shooting uses of mobile among all the demographics, more than half of all web traffic is mobile. As per the prediction of the Ericsson Mobility Report, we can observe a 25% increase in mobile traffic by 2025. To be a little specific, they even mentioned this traffic would come from increased video and streaming on mobile.  

#2 Reason   


Internet has attained almost 50 percent of global penetration 

The above map shows the growing internet penetration across the world. For developed countries, penetration is above 85%, while it is about 50% in developing countries. According to the latest report by Statista published in Jan 2020, the global average penetration rate was 59%.


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If you are the one who loves to order meals digitally, you must have encounter Uber Eats. Developed by Uber, the leader in the online taxi commercial enterprise, Uber Eats is a leading food shipping service inside the on-demand market nowadays. Founded in the year 2014, Uber Eats offers a platform for humans to reserve meals from nearby eating places through its app or website and ensure doorstep delivery. As of 2019, Uber Eats has sales of $251 crores.

The fulfillment and recognition of Uber Eats have caused the inception of numerous food delivery app. Creating a meal shipping app like Uber Eats requires meticulous making plans and professional improvement and execution. This weblog aims to offer a complete guide for improving such an app and maintaining the destiny marketplace’s demands in thoughts.

Why Create a Food Delivery App?

2020 is witnessing a quick-paced increase inside the food shipping enterprise. The industry is estimated to be worth over $26 billion by using the end of 2020.

The comfort and comfort supplied by using on-demand food shipping offerings had already created a nicely-hooked up market for the industry. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online meal delivery saw a fast increase. According to Google’s seek facts, the searches for “food shipping services” extended 300% in this era. Uber Eats reviews a 30% increase inside the range of users who signed up for food delivery offerings at some point of the lockdown.

So if you ask, why consider food delivery app development now, properly? Why now not? Now is the proper time to do it. The call for is constant, and the market is developing- it’s a high-quality time to make access into the enterprise.

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Do you wish to maintain the high search engine rankings and build online authority? Referring domain is the term to put your interest on. It is crucial to understand the value of referring domains because their quantity and quality can make a great difference in your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.  

You ask how? Here’s your answer.  

Providing 100s of backlinks from only one website will never be a better option than using the backlinks from different referring domains. This is so because the links aren’t measured with equal weight. You must acquire a sizable number of unique links from unique referring domains to attract unique website visitors, bring more traffic sources, and enhance page views.   

This piece will let you know the importance of quantity and quality referring domains and how you can leverage this concept to enhance your digital presence and establish your brand credibility.    

Let’s first understand what Referring Domain is.  

What is a Referring Domain? 

Referring domains or linking domains are the external websites that direct visitors to your website. These domains contain backlinks that drive views and traffic to your particular web pages. Below provided is an image for your reference. 

You can find two referring domains with various backlinks linked to a single site in the above image. This depicts how external websites drive referral traffic to your website. Your website may acquire many referral domains, and those domains may consist of various backlinks pointing to your specific web page. Even your website can also be considered a referring domain if it has links that lead visitors to external sites.   

For example, an external website, let’s say X, can be considered as a referring domain if it has some backlinks referring to your website, let’s say Y. Regardless if you are receiving multiple backlinks from Site X, it is still considered as one referring domain for your website Y.  

Moving on, if there are ten different websites linked to your page, then they are considered as ten different referring domains. Some sites are linked to your page for the only purpose of adding a reference to their content.   

Note: One cannot control the number of backlinks per referring domain.   

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has pushed the demands of eCommerce to the next level. For the first time in history, a tremendous shift is observed in the eCommerce sector. Stats say:  

  1. eCommerce has witnessed a 129% YOY growth in the United States and Canada.  
  2. 149% growth in overall online orders was recorded that was never before.  
  3. One of the surveys has found that customers have spent USD 601.75 billion online with U.S. merchants.  

With such record-breaking stats, it is important to be prepared for a great digital transformation. To help you make the most of your eCommerce business, we will discuss the tactics to identify your business’s low-performing areas and implement the right eCommerce solutions to augment your online store’s revenue.  

Why digital transformation? 

Though your business must be operating well through a brick-and-mortar store or an eCommerce store, it is always suggested to rethink whether you are utilizing the right technology to simplify the complex processes involved in the customers’ journey. For running an online business, it is of utmost importance to polish your customers’ experience. Providing a perfect user experience is an integral part of the customer journey, which will be the way to drive more sales to your online store. This level of success is achievable only when you are ready to transform your business by using the best eCommerce solutions. 

How to use an eCommerce platform for digital transformation? 

Every eCommerce platform is unique and has unique features to cater to different business models. A robust integration solution in an eCommerce platform can help a B2B business, and other platform built with rich customer-oriented features will tackle the issues of B2C merchants. However, it is crucial to choose a suitable eCommerce platform that can suit your business and target audience’s nature. 

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How to Find the Best Software Developer for Health

It may not be hovering in the mainstream tech conversations, but the healthcare software industry has surpassed multi-billion-dollar marks and has no intention to slow down. Stats say:  

  • The healthcare IT market is estimated to reach $390.7 billion by 2024 from $187.6 billion in 2019. 
  • The Healthcare enterprise software market alone is estimated to reach $8.2 billion by 2023, more than doubling its value in 6 years.  

While the software has been leveraging the healthcare sector extensively, room for exploration and market opportunity has no limitations. But it has been found that half of the healthcare service providers aren’t satisfied with their healthcare software and are looking for opportunities to change it for a better one. The advent of healthcare apps has brought many advantages to medical industries. But the boost was seen after the pandemic hard hit the world. Healthcare apps had rolled out many good things like shortening of task length, better service facilities, etc. In the very short span, we have seen the massive adoption of healthcare technology worldwide!  

Moving on, we will explore every term related to the healthcare sector software development and software developer for hospitals in our further paragraphs. 

 What is Healthcare Software?  

Often you might have read the terms “healthcare” and “medical software.” You might find the two terms the same, but the fact is that they cover related but different domains.  

As per the FDA, medical software is related to medical devices but considered more broadly; the definition can be extended even to include practices. When it’s about healthcare software, it can be defined as software developed for the healthcare industry purposes.  

Medical software is used to analyze, monitor, and interpret a patient’s medical state. Also, it performs a range of other functions to help medical professionals by providing the best treatment possible. Healthcare software solutions are typically developed for simulation and medical training, diagnosis, research, equipment planning, and database storage.  

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