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The mobile application has already become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. In the last few years, various mobile apps have been credited in our lives. Apps have huge popularity and bring various usefulness to us. If you need to find a phone number, there’s an app for that. Craving delicious Italian dishes? You can find an app to tell you where to go, etc. Today, every query has got an answer. Mobile app development has made our lives convenient and provided many opportunities for the entrepreneurs out there. 

As per Statista, the mobile app business is booming. By 2020, mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue. With current technological inventions and innovations brought into our lives on an everyday basis, it wouldn’t be wrong to think that the year 2020 and beyond will certainly be the year of mobile applications for mobile app development companies, businesses, and enterprises too. 

Almost every daily affair is done faster with the help of apps. Be it sports, games, shopping, reading, banking, etc.; one cannot imagine their lives without mobile applications. That’s good news for the ones interested in pursuing a career in mobile development—and for sure, it will get even better. 

Mobile apps are evolving   

Apps have changed a lot since the 1st iPhone was released in 2007. It is said that every technology has a limited shelf life, but mobile apps are nowhere near the end of theirs. The initial mobile apps were designed to help people become more effective. It allowed people to have a check on the stock market or weather. Today, most of the top used apps are about staying social. As per Forbes, in 2018, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Tik Tok, WhatsApp Messenger, and Instagram were the most downloaded apps in the world.  

Experts say that the next generation of mobile apps will make better use of machine learning, chatbots, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.    

Mobile apps are must to have for most brands  

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It is true that there are no features or design options to suit all cases that will make your ecommerce store reach the height of its popularity, but there are several essential and even desirable elements that should not be neglected during configuration and creation of an online store.

Things You Shouldn’t Miss While Running Your Ecommerce website

Target first on high cost factors,

Spiked Shipping Cost

People hate to pay for a ship, and even if you have heavier or normal cargo products, you should include this in your prices. Your products may become more expensive, but building your brand with unique products and stories, keeps you exclusive, and has a store that people can compare. Of them, a store full of happiness, not to mention regular customers.

The only competition you need is for better products, better delivery times, and better customer service interactions. Just do not pay more for shipping; else you might lose the momentum.

No Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important ally for consumer money in the fight against e-commerce. The information provided contains a lot of data about your website, your visitors, and your location. This information can be used to find new users and increase conversions.

Google Analytics helps you better understand your marketing efforts’ effectiveness, better understand your visitors, and optimize your store for conversion and sales.

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10+ Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Your eCo

Electronic commerce or eCommerce refers to any business transaction that is conducted online. The burgeoning craze is seen in online shopping, where people buy and sell products online. The eCommerce sector is the fastest-growing retail market projected to hit USD 4.135 trillion sales in 2020. On the other hand, mCommerce is a new venture that is a fast-growing avenue in eCommerce. The primary focus of mCommerce is to expand the market and influence of smartphones to enhance online shopping comfort among the millennials.   

Digital marketing and eCommerce marketing are interdependent terms. To grow any eCommerce website's online presence, one has to employ digital marketing strategies like content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, and other myriad ways. The eCommerce digital strategy differs from website to website. To help you get your share of a vast market of USD 2.8 trillion annual online sales, we have discussed some of the best digital marketing strategies below.  

eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Business  

1. Enhance Product Visualization 

Today's customers are smart. They tend to search for every bit of information before buying any products online. They expect the products to be visually appealing. The very first thing that gains their attention is product visualizations. Secondly, they move on to read product features and aesthetics. By providing exceptional product visualization, you can directly lead them to notice the product details rather than reading about it necessarily.   

Using 3D technology, you can enhance your customers’ buying experience as they get the option of zoom in, zoom out, and rotate the product to 360° view. The Fourth Source reported increased sales by 25% to 30% by using 3D technology over flat imaging.  

2. Add relevant video

Usually, a product requires a well-defined video that explains the working or the importance of the products. If your product has something to show off, then do not miss the opportunity to attract customers’ attention. It has been reported that 81% of customers prefer buying products after seeing the video as it provides confidence in making purchases. Showcasing the product via video allows your customers to understand better the product, what it does, and why they need it. Not necessarily all your products need to be depicted via video, but it should be creative and engaging if there are some.  

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Enhancing online presence without search engine optimization is pretty difficult. It is one of the proven ways to reach the right audience. If implemented the right way, it can increase the volume of traffic to your website. Many eCommerce businesses have realized the importance of SEO and are implementing different tactics to increase their profit. By producing and posting a lot of content frequently, you provide your customers with a way to reach you. Ensure that your content has the right number of keywords to optimize your website and help your customers land on to your website when they search for the relevant keywords. Blogs are a better way to increase your ROI.   

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What do you think, how difficult it is to build a strategy that helps reaps profit out of it? Yes, we mean how to have a robust result-oriented digital marketing strategy for your business. Having a working marketing plan makes your business competent to beat the competitors or hold a dominating position in the market.

Drafting an action plan that syncs well with your business goals and requirements can take your sales graph to the peaks. But knowing this fact, many businesses tend to plan an effective digital marketing strategy. Top of that, majority of them don’t even have a full proof strategy or are unaware of the tools that are effective that can help them stand out.

And this ends up majority of the businesses running unprepared.

Digital marketing strategy outlines the path through which a company can achieve its business objectives using digital channels, platforms and thinking. It asserts clear targets, prioritizes audiences, recognizes customer needs and behaviors, and details channel use and platform requirements. In short, it sets out how you plan and use digital mediums to remain relentlessly important.

Why You Need Digital Marketing Services For Better ROI

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Although worldwide quarantine restrictions have been loosened over the past few months, resurgence in COVID-19 cases has led to a new way of measures to prevent the spread of the virus before winter. However, now that scientists have a higher level of knowledge of the nature of the COVID-19, it is more likely that these new rules will be under-served, as they were around the first time – pending any gross overgrowth in numbers.

However, this means that people in lockdown are still searching for content relevant to their current situation. We already discussed what businesses have learned about online marketing through the first phase of the pandemic. The constantly changing state of things should not create hurdles from maintaining something close to the content schedule.

But depending upon the knowledge we have about this virus, and what content strategies have worked during the pandemic, a lot can be done to prepare your business for the winter ahead. Four major points are considered here.

A survey conducted by Mckinsey found that:

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Ultimately, every small business owner wants their business to grow more and more. But how do you turn a small business into a large company? What are the most effective tips for expanding small businesses to expand a business beyond its current status?

Starting a business is one thing; another knows how to build a business. But knowing how to grow a business is extremely important if you want to maintain your business’s success and financial well-being. If you cannot grow and scale your business, you will be at risk of falling behind if the market changes or if a competitor dismantles your business.

However, it can seem just as daunting to grow your business. This means working even harder than you already do, perhaps hiring additional employees and even getting finance to cover the additional cost towards business expansion. While adopting new technologies, result-centric online marketing services, and mainly dedicated SEO services, many businesses can expand their perimeters to global level.

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Have you missed the preplanning phase to kick start your festive season? The best time to plan your holiday season for the ecommerce business is the period between June or september. Well you are not that late to start. But acting fast on your ecommerce store optimization should be your priority now. There are loads of things to do to make this shopping season a flourishing one.

Giving a thought of taking a lenient approach for this lucrative phase might give a direct advantage to your competitor. According to Deloitte insights, Around 40% US adult shoppers said they preferred buying online in this pandemic. Moreover, 42%  of US online shoppers hinted that they would less prefer in-store shopping even after the lockdown restrictions are relaxed.  This indicates that  drastic shift in consumer’s way of shopping will be interesting factor to look at. This consumer’s mindset could impact the brick and mortars , but could a great opportunity to those running their stores online.

Lets check some interesting facts and stats about the holiday season and analyze the shopping trend consumers follows;

Statistics and facts of Holiday Sale:

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Having an e-commerce website is, in every way, is like having your storefront. However, there is a large pool of countless potential customers. They might leave unattended if your eCommerce website doesn’t get indexed to user searches. This might dishearten business owners for opening a store and nobody buying from you. Well, Magento offers superlative eCommerce store functionalities loaded with features that help site owners reap maximum sales.

We are here to help you deal with ranking and search engine optimization through Magento websites

6 Tips for Effective Magento SEO

Analyze Your SEO

Whatever you do to improve your website’s SEO; it is vital to keep it under control. This can be done by regularly analyzing your SEO campaigns’ effectiveness with tools like Google Analytics and others. You can retrieve your eCommerce website’s most valuable insights with a detailed report on your SEO campaigns and their effectiveness.

Use Magento Enabled SEO-Optimized URLs

Search engines still prefer simple, easy-to-use URLs over complicated URLs. When you upload a product to Magento, it automatically generates a URL to the product page by default, which is quite complex and difficult for search engines to read. So you need to make this URLs SEO friendly to get the search engine preference.

Magento SEO also comes with an in-built setting to improve the SEO score of the page

Make a default URL to an SEO friendly URL by going to System -> Configuration> Web > expand the search engine optimization tab and change Use web server rewrite to Yes.

Use An Appropriate Meta Description.

Metadata is a valuable element in search engine optimization that makes it easier for search engines to interpret your site’s content. A well-written Meta description can help your store gain better visibility on search engines, allowing search engines to know exactly what it is.

Write a unique Meta description without duplicate content. Be aware of the character limit and place your important keywords at the beginning of the description.

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Amid the increase in online sales, the e-commerce sector is experiencing the most significant growth in the development of mobile solutions, driven by the need to meet customers’ needs. Consumers need the freedom to buy goods and services anytime, anywhere, even while traveling. That is why more and more online shoppers prefer e-commerce applications over websites, as they offer fast speed, convenience, and personal positioning.

Factors such as better customer loyalty, consumer preference, high conversion rate, and increased smartphone penetration are key drivers that motivate sales from the eCommerce app.

Why It Is Worth To Develop An eCommerce App Dedicated For Festive Season?

Shopify states that tablets and mobiles were the favored shopping mediums for Cyber Monday and Black Friday in 2019, accounting for 69% of total sales.

According to Statista, The Christmas shopping season traditionally starts on Black Friday, the second day of Thanksgiving, but in reality, retail starts popularizing Christmas sales in early November. Cyber ??Monday 2019 has become a massive online shopping day, with an online sales record of over $9.4 billion. The main contributor to sales growth, the spending on shopping from Thanksgiving to Cyber ??Monday, generated estimated sales of $ 28.5 billion 2019 holiday season.

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The motive of search engines is to satisfy the user’s search intent. Whenever you type a query, you expect the answer to be written on the top result. Ever thought, what is the reason behind? It's not just because you searched for it but also because of search intent, which means that the web crawlers are trying to understand/guess what exactly you want. Accordingly, it provides you the desired information.  

Every day, billions of people rely on search engines to get the answer to their queries. Hence, to ensure that your brand is marketing success, it is essential to improve your online presence and credibility. Make sure that your company is found on the top whenever your target audience searches for the information relevant to your product/service.  

Just having a website will not be sufficient. You need to create a robust online presence to attract relevant leads to your website. Hence, to get the desired results, you must implement the right SEO strategies.   

Now before diving deep into the topic, let’s first understand what search intent is.  

What is the search intent?  

Search intent or audience intent is the term used to describe the reason for an online search. The search engines try to understand or guess the search's intent and accordingly deliver the result.  

To make sure that your website drives more leads, you first need to understand the psychology behind a search made and then provide the solution. This is so because the ultimate goal of Google Search is to provide immediate answers to the queries made.  


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