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Organization of SAP Financial Information can be achieved using modules, which are technical SAP programs that perform certain functions.

SAP FI submodules include

General Ledger Account – This central database stores all fiscal deals conducted by your establishment. SAP FICO classes in pune

Accounts Receivable- Your company’s entire history of fiscal dealings is recorded and kept accessible with this point.

Accounts Payable- Accounts outstanding oversees any business operations with suppliers for your company.

Bank Account – It oversees all fiscal deals between a company and its colorful mates

Asset Travel operation – Manages all costs associated with passages taken by the business.

resemblant Account – Manages a company’s fiscal reporting and duty form needs.

connection – Compiles all the separate fiscal reports generated by colorful divisions within an associate

finances operation- This function is responsible for overseeing and managing all internal fiscal accounts within the association.

Special Purpose Ledger – Special purpose checks are checks used solely for a particular purpose; it’s the chronicler’s responsibility to cover deals within them.


Specialties – Manages all the company’s specialties.

SAP CO modules enable associations to record both fiscal and non-financial conditioning. SAP CO provides support in the medication of fiscal statements as well as other analyses.


Two major SAP CO modules are Chart of Accounts and Financial Accounting. SAP FICO course in pune

Other important modules include Cost Account, Profitability Analysis, Product Costing, Internal Orders, and Travel Management. Let’s take a close look at each one collectively.

Chart of Accounts( COA) – The COA module is responsible for managing the accounts for an association.

Account terms relate to “ accounts, ” which are records of individual deals like purchases and deals made. These records are stored in a general tally within the business.


SAP CO provides the Chart of Accounts feature, enabling you to induce trial balances and produce fiscal statements similar as Profit & Loss statements and Balance wastes.

Cost Account – The Cost Account module is used to cover product costs for an association.

Costs are recorded in cost centers, which represent colorful cost centers within an association similar to Deals, products, Marketing, and Distribution.


SAP CO allows you to induce cost wastes, which detail product costs. It also produces cost statements like Cost of Goods vended( COGS) and Profit and loss statements.

Profitability Analysis- The Profitability Analysis module allows for the evaluation of either the manufacturing or deals profitability for a product or service.

Profitability Analysis will give you with perceptive data on the profitability of goods or services offered by an establishment.

With this knowledge, you can make informed opinions regarding pricing, deals, and product development.


Product Costing- Organizational product costs can be controlled and covered with the Product going module. Cost rudiments represent different cost factors within an association, similar as Accoutrements, Direct Labour, and Outflow.

With SAP CO, you can induce cost wastes that detail product charges; also, the module generates statements similar as Cost of Goods vended( COGS) and Profit & Loss accounts.


Internal Orders – Associations can manage internal orders with the Internal Orders module of SAPCO.

This helps manage costs associated with services handed by the association and induces cost wastes for internal orders that give details of charges associated with those orders.

Travel Management Travel operation is responsible for keeping track of an association’s charges, both business and particular. SAP FICO training in pune

In SAP CO, you can induce trip reports that detail all charges related to travel.

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