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Health Benefit Of Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Aged balsamic vinegar is known for its rich flavor, velvety black color, and much more health benefits. It is made from grapes that have been crushed, fermented and aged for years to bring the pungency to its taste. It’s fermented in wooden barrels and kept for longer, much like wine to be intensifying its taste. Balsamic vinegar is aged to bring the thickness and intense flavor to your food.  You may need less to bring the taste boost to your food.


Though the Balsamic aged vinegar is served in a smaller size, it offers sweet, pungent taste. The mellow acidity makes the aged balsamic vinegar best for seasoning of salad dressings and marinating. It not only adds to make your meal delicious but it also has a number of health benefits. 


Helps blood circulation

Balsamic vinegar has been found to have the rich source of polyphenols. Researchers found that the rich amount of polyphenols in balsamic vinegar limits the cholesterol in your body. Polyphenols in aged balsamic will reduce the amount of damage done by LDL cholesterol on your body’s cells. It protects the body from heart diseases and cancer. It reduced the hardening of arteries, also known as atherosclerosis in the nerve system in a body. While many alternative medicines use researchers have been able to identify certain compounds in it possess curative properties. Aged balsamic vinegar also lowers and stabilizes blood pressure levels. 


Improve the immunity

Balsamic vinegar provides many healthful substances, including antioxidants, which defend the body cells from oxidative damages. Grape used in the process of making balsamic vinegar contains many antioxidants that can fight against cell damage. It also protects the body that may be associated with certain diseases. The antioxidants present in balsamic vinegar can help repair damage caused by free radicals, produced by the oxygen in our body. It improves the body immune system and also makes the body’s blood platelet level more flexible. 

Regulate blood sugar

Foods are classified as low or high on the basis of its glycemic index. It shows how it will react to your blood sugar levels.  Means low glycemic index will not cause obstacles in your blood glucose level. Balsamic aged vinegar has the ability to improve the insulin level, hence act as a blessing for diabetics. Balsamic vinegar is low on the glycemic index seems to be nil. This allows for an easier regulation of blood sugar and reduces the unpleasant side effects of diabetics. Pay close attention to the amount you consume it if you are a diabetic patient. 


Helps digestion

Due to rich in polyphenols and antioxidant, aged balsamic helps to boost the pepsin activity in a body! It acts as an aid to the secretion of pepsin into the stomach for an easy digestion process. It works to break down proteins consumed and turn them into amino acids that help speed up your body metabolism. Balsamic vinegar is great to improve the body metabolism and boosting the body’s digestion system as it creates active of pepsin that breaks the protein to be absorbed easily in the body. Though low in calories, it helps to curb the body’s appetite, prevent overeating; increasing the amount of time it takes for the stomach to empty.



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Friday, November 30, 2018