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Agile Project Management training, designed to adopt innovative ways of working with and overcoming challenges, today presents a litany of benefits, principles, and techniques, for the individual who wants a tried and proven problem-solving practical ideas.

These benefits, principles and techniques cover a range of thought-provoking directions, range from certificated change management courses which focus on the business need and delivery of benefits.

As relates to the matter of Change Management training in London, the course provides people with the skills, techniques, and processes to deliver effective change.

“I think the Change Management Practitioner course is one of the most important things I do. It contains an excellent grounding in the theories, models, and techniques for managing change that we all need to know,” said the spokesperson. For people new to change management, according to the spokesperson, it clarifies the role and provides answers on what to do and gives suggestions for how to do it and in what order to do it.

Melanie Franklin, who owns and operates the Agile Change Management practice, is a transformational change leader in her own right. She has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to building the capability for change in organizations, which has exposed her to a wide range of organizational structures and individuals from around the world, and it is this experience that she is building on every day. Aside from the academic and professional qualifications, Melanie has acquired over this time, her ability to share new concepts and inspire others to embrace change and strive to improve their personal and professional performance is what she says she’s most proud of.

“According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I am at the point in my career where I am ‘self-actualizing’!” said Melanie, who finds it hard to draw a line between work and hobby, as she finds what she does so stimulating and rewarding.

“I want my legacy to be increased skills and confidence in others to help make a difference. I measure my success by the success stories of those whom I coach and train and I am in the fortunate position that they write to me from all over the world to share their achievements,” Melanie further explained.

Today, Melanie’s academic pursuit, training, and experience have resulted in a consultancy that expertly serves the transformational change needs of those who dare to make a difference.

“I can support you in managing specific changes by using diagnostic tools to ascertain performance against critical success factors, perform impact assessments and business readiness assessments,” added Melanie.

Melanie’s brand of cultural integration helps people to identify and define the values and beliefs underpinning your culture of innovation and change and work with you to build a roadmap of activities to engage staff in the new culture.

Regarding her approach to acquisition work, Melanie has created what she considers to be a “pragmatic transition plans,” aimed at ensuring that those in the acquiring organization are enthusiastic participants in creating the merged organization. For further information, contact:


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