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This Friday’s ‘Bandcamp day’ benefits more than the artists

Chicago Reader (Lit & Lectures) 6/3 5:40P Leor Galil
Many musicians and labels will donate the day’s Bandcamp money to support the fight for Black lives. At the end of April, Bandcamp announced that it would waive its revenue share on the first Fridays...

Man killed in South Austin shooting

Chicago Sun-Times (Entertainment) 6/3 3:23P Sun-Times Wire
A man was fatally shot May 31, 2020, in South Austin on the West Side. | Sun-Times file photo Robert English, 24, was riding in a vehicle when he was shot, officials said. A man was shot to death...

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Wine, cheese, and Decrypto

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 5/27 6:30A Brianna Wellen
The Chicago Board Game Cafe offers food and drink pairings to go with your new favorite games. Eric Garneau keeps playing Pandemic Legacy. And as the director of games and retail at the Chicago Board...

Ethan Lim leans in to Cambodian food

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 5/26 11:10A Mike Sula
Hermosa’s chef makes space on his sandwich menu for the city’s only Khmer food. Unless your mom is Cambodian, it seems like every time there’s an opportunity to eat Khmer food in Chicago, it’s the...

As for the Chicago chef who stole Diana Kennedy's book. . .

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 5/22 9:20A Mike Sula
A new documentary about the great chronicler of regional Mexican food starts streaming tonight If you’re the Chicago chef who stole one of her own cookbooks from Diana Kennedy’s kitchen, she has your...

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Remembering Conrad Worrill

Chicago Reader (Style) 6/3 11:05A Ben Joravsky
It’s hard to summarize all of what Conrad accomplished in his life; among other things he was a Black nationalist, coach, political activist, professor, scholar, and sports enthusiast. One of the sad...

Making A Change

Sequins and Stripes 6/3 4:14A Liz
artwork by Daria Rosen I think we can all agree that the past few days have taken a heavy toll on our emotions. The racial injustice happening in America right now is tragic and what s even more...

Essays as group therapy

Chicago Reader (Style) 6/3 1:00A Derrick Clifton
How are Black writers coping? We’re chanting, fact-checking history, and envisioning a tiny future. Karen Hawkins…

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