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Mona Bella caters Cambodian

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 3/2 5:45A Mike Sula
A Lettuce cook and her mom deliver a new Khmer menu each week. Sarom Sieng did not want her daughter trapped in the church kitchen, cooking curry and egg rolls her whole life.  “She wanted me to be...

A tale of two tapas bars

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 2/17 9:55A Mike Sula
El Internacional, Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba!, and bacalao at the dawn of small plates America About 2,700 copies of the second issue of the Chicago FoodCultura Clarion have been randomly inserted into print...

Kit brings the bar to you

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 2/15 10:30A Brianna Wellen
The newly opened small business offers professional quality bar tools and local expertise. It's time to perfect your margarita. According to bartender Rachel Miller, focusing on summery cocktails is...

Rishi Manoj Kumar is a macha man

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 2/4 10:44A Mike Sula
Bar Sotano's chef de cuisine launches a line of toasty, nutty, Mexican chili oils. Salsa macha, you might know, is the nutty, crunchy, toasty Mexican chili oil that has mysterious transformative...

Aye-Aye, Kapitan

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 2/2 10:45A Mike Sula
The owners of Serai open the country’s only nyonya restaurant, devoted to the food of Malaysia’s Peranakan culture. Yes, the pandemic has been devastating for restaurants in Chicago, but for some...

Recipes for restaurant survival

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 2/2 7:40A Emma Oxnevad
From heated yurts to community support, local eateries are doing what they can to make it through the pandemic’s bleakest months yet. Irma Enriquez, owner and operator of Humboldt Park restaurant La...

When does drinking to cope become drinking too much?

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 2/1 7:55A Adam M. Rhodes
Examining and altering our pandemic-induced substance habits nearly one year in I used to drink so rarely that my doctors considered me a nondrinker. I used to safely estimate my drinking to be around...

BIPOC bartenders shake it up

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 1/29 5:10A Noëlle D. Lilley
Chicagoan Davíd Leon Jr. is among the mixologists featured in a new short film following people of color in the industry. With bars and restaurants closed around the country, the feeling of plopping...

Giving myself a break: on oyatsu

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 1/20 5:20A Nina Li Coomes
How a snacking ritual makes the Chicago winter bearable The idea to return to oyatsu first came in September, when the weather was still gentle, fall just beginning to work itself into a fantasia of...

When the Mangalitsas meet the Red Wattles

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 1/19 6:55A Mike Sula
For the first time in the midwest, a Wisconsin farmer brings rare (and delicious) heritage hog breeds to market. Big Red slumbers in a nest of wood chips, leaves, and straw. If he weren’t pushing 550...

It’s suddenly matzo ball madness up in here

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 1/5 8:40A Mike Sula
An unscientific survey of classic and upstart floaters and sinkers Passover isn’t until March, which is when discussion of the infinite depths of matzo ball soup always tend to heat up. So it seems a...

Bow before our future fungal overlords

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 12/15 5:55A Mike Sula
Get your lion's mane, pioppino, and blue oysters through Windy City Mushroom's new magic mushroom window. Mushrooms, I tell ya, they’re everywhere. No sooner did I finish my story about the Logan...

Full Circle Fungi makes like a mushroom and cooperates

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 12/8 3:05A Mike Sula
An oyster farm spawns in a Logan Square basement. Early this fall I zeroed in on a flash of orange out of the corner of my eye, perched on the gray bark of a large oak tree just off the intersection...
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