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What you need to know about ice wine, New York's wintry nectar

Chicago Tribune (Food & Dining) 10/24 3:50A Michael Austin
From one of the country’s most-prolific wine-producing states comes one of the country’s rarest wine styles. The state is New York, and the style — ice wine — results in mere drops of liquid per year, relative to traditional table wines...

Good news we need now: Original Rainbow Cone will stay open this winter

Chicago Tribune (Food & Dining) 10/24 2:10A Louisa Chu
Who needs Mega Millions? You can find your pot of gold, piled high with five flavors, at Original Rainbow Cone, which in a surprise move, will remain open this winter. The pink stucco house of ice cream in the Beverly neighborhood on the South...

Erick Williams announces name, more details on upcoming Hyde Park restaurant

Chicago Tribune (Food & Dining) 10/23 6:15A Phil Vettel
Last month, we told you that Erick Williams, longtime executive chef at MK restaurant, had signed a lease on the old A10 space in Hyde Park (1462 E. 53rd St.) to open a Southern American restaurant . Now we know a bit more. We have a name. The...

TripAdvisor claims Alaska has better pizza than Chicago... Um?

Chicago Tribune (Food & Dining) 10/17 2:20A Nick Kindelsperger
TripAdvisor, where random people rate everything from hotels to helicopter rides, just released a list of the top pizzerias in the country . And the winner is located in — wait for it— Boston? Regina Pizzeria, which has been open since 1926, is...

Give ramen a rest — try these Asian noodle soups instead

Chicago Tribune (Food & Dining) 10/17 12:00A Nick Kindelsperger
I know what you want. You want a list of the best ramen in Chicago. After all, it's our month of “Craving: Noodles” here at the Chicago Tribune, so a tidy list of the best ramen joints wouldn't be out of line. But I can't give you that. Sure,...

Review: Free Rein is a hidden-in-plain-sight jewel on Michigan Avenue

Chicago Tribune (Food & Dining) 10/12 12:00A Phil Vettel
Free Rein is the Where’s Waldo of Chicago restaurants, hiding in plain sight on Michigan Avenue, just south of the river. It lurks behind a wall of shaded glass — you can’t tell there’s a restaurant in there unless you walk right up to it — on...
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