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Cheap meat is not The Wurst

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 7/10 9:07A Mike Sula
Pasture raised, GMO- and antibiotic-free meat isn't cheap, but it's free of Big Ag consequences that put the food supply at risk. Indiana ironworker-turned-butcher Ricky Hanft had a lot of interesting...

The Wurst has the best meats

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 7/7 8:15A Mike Sula
A small northwest Indiana butcher shop makes a go of it mid-pandemic with small farmers, small slaughterhouses, and naturally raised beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. The last fun party I went to was...

Bye Bye Blackbird

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 7/3 1:20P Mike Sula
Farewell to one of Chicago's most iconic restaurants. I celebrated my 28th birthday at Blackbird six months after it opened. I don’t remember exactly what I ate, but I know pork belly was involved,...

Geno Bahena is back at Mis Moles

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 7/1 1:00A Mike Sula
Did you think a little pandemic was going to stop Chicago’s most peripatetic chef? Vlad the Impaler no longer presides over the dining room at 3661 N. Elston. I know this because I’ve seen the...

Where to eat for the Juneteenth Restaurant Celebration

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 6/18 3:30P Mike Sula
Your guide to an infinite combination of al trunko food crawls Jeremy Joyce, the dynamo behind @blackpeopleeats, is one of the pandemic’s great pivoters, scrapping plans for an inaugural outdoor food...

A culinary confession

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 6/16 8:45A Mike Sula
The story I wish I'd told a year ago Last July I told myself I was done with Abe Conlon. But here I go again.…

Marz Community Kitchen is the future

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 6/12 8:07A Mike Sula
Restaurants should embrace community food stability during patio season, and beyond If you took a spin down Clark Street through Wrigleyville last Saturday evening you could imagine it was a game day...

Wine, cheese, and Decrypto

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 5/27 6:30A Brianna Wellen
The Chicago Board Game Cafe offers food and drink pairings to go with your new favorite games. Eric Garneau keeps playing Pandemic Legacy. And as the director of games and retail at the Chicago Board...

Ethan Lim leans in to Cambodian food

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 5/26 11:10A Mike Sula
Hermosa’s chef makes space on his sandwich menu for the city’s only Khmer food. Unless your mom is Cambodian, it seems like every time there’s an opportunity to eat Khmer food in Chicago, it’s the...

As for the Chicago chef who stole Diana Kennedy's book. . .

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 5/22 9:20A Mike Sula
A new documentary about the great chronicler of regional Mexican food starts streaming tonight If you’re the Chicago chef who stole one of her own cookbooks from Diana Kennedy’s kitchen, she has your...

It’s just a weed, Chicago

Chicago Reader (Food & Drink) 5/5 10:50A Mike Sula
Right now may be the easiest, safest time to grow cannabis outdoors. There’s a patch of ground behind the lilies in Lauren’s west suburban backyard garden where tomatoes won’t grow. She thinks it has...
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