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It's estimated that the average person has around $2,500 worth of valuable items lying around their house. That's a lot of extra income that most people don't realize is sitting in their very own home!

Dave Hendrick, expert eBay salesman and owner of iSOLD It in Bolingbrook (999 Remington Blvd.) shares a few tips for bringing in some extra cash to relieve that post-holiday season debt.

1. From junk drawers to entire rooms, everyone has unwanted or unused items lying around -- and possibly a lot of value! Start going through your things and sort them into piles:

  • Keepsakes
  • Junk
  • Re-sale items

2. Look on eBay to see what people are commonly selling and consider if you have similar items to sell

3. Items that sell for top-dollar include:

  • Old electronics
  • Musical instruments
  • Designer handbags
  • Sporting equipment

4. Receive a give you either don't want or don't need? Rather than letting it sit in your closet untouched or waiting in the long return lines that often build after the holidays, consider putting that gift for sale online.

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