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Imagine being in a dark-dungeon fighting a dragon to win the treasure or meeting the aliens in a spaceship! Sounds dreamy right? Well, it's not a dream. It's an escape room! 

So, what is an escape room? Escape rooms are a very famous form of recreation that came into existence in the early 2000s. These games are a literal escape from reality. A venue where every story comes to life! 

Escape rooms are built on the concept of 'escape-the-room' video games. The modern-day escape rooms are also an amalgamation of age-old games like scavenger hunts and haunted houses. The company that successfully brought the escape room games into life was SCRAP (a Kyoto, Japan-based company). The mastermind behind the brilliant concept of escape rooms was a 35-year-old man Takao Kato. Other companies and brands were quick to follow, and in 2011 escape rooms were established Australia and Singapore. In 2012, San Francisco, USA, also got its first escape room. Since then, escape rooms have expanded their reach, and now there are escape rooms in more than 88 countries and 1035 cities.

Escape rooms are 60-minute live- adventure games. You will find several quizzes and puzzles in an escape room that you need to solve to win the game. Every escape room has a story, and all the puzzles are based on that story. This story can belong to any genre such as horror, mystery, sci-fi, or thriller. The most famous escape rooms are based on murder mysteries, Detective/Police/Crime, Sherlock, and Spy, and the least popular were Zombie, Dreams, and Magic!

Escape rooms require the players to work together as a team. The games are designed so that the players need to work collectively to solve all the puzzles. The puzzles expect a wide variety of skills like creativity, problem-solving, lateral thinking, and logical reasoning. No single person can be good at all of these things, and therefore, a team effort is essential. Even if a person is brilliant enough to solve all the puzzles on oneself, the 60-minute time-limit will undoubtedly be a constraint. So, to win an escape room, teamwork is crucial. 

Because of its nature that they promote teamwork, escape rooms have proved to be a great team-building exercise. The corporate sector has made use of this, and now escape rooms are being used to strengthen communication, teamwork, and project management!

Not only for corporate events, are escape rooms ideal for friends and family to play together as well. Whether it is a first date or a family get together, escape rooms are always a great plan!  

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