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Do you love exploring unique things? Inevitably, escape rooms would be the perfect venue. An escape room is a fantastic place to spend time with your loved ones.

Tampa is an amazing city that owns a lot of engaging locations. It also sports a lot of escapades. Challenging riddles and twists would ensure that you are completely immersed in the game. Here are some of the most exciting escapades in Tampa!

1. ROOM 5280

Room 5280 is an audacious escapade with many immersive games and puzzles. They have six rooms with unique storylines to challenge the detective inside you. "The Heist" is a room that is preferred by many tourists. It has a gripping plot where; you need to rob the house of a strange millionaire. You would see silver, gold, jewels, portraits, collectible, but there is an obstacle. The selfish man had transformed the house into a maneuver full of mysteries, hidden places, secrets, locks, and other wonders! Only the most inventive and established burglars can loot the house and escape within an hour. Will you be able to complete the mission?


America's Escape Games is an escape room company that offers a lot of intertwined rooms with an extravagant plot. They have five different rooms with a unique plot. "Pandemic" is a room that is liked by many players. It has an immersive storyline where a strange pandemic called 'The Red Death' is destroying the planet. If you wish to fight against this apparently unstoppable virus, you would need to locate the research operation's lab. It is assumed that the remedy exists somewhere in the mysterious laboratory of Dr. Andrea McClain. Would you be able to find the medicine and grab the chance of becoming the nation's hero?


The Greatest Escape is an engrossing escapade with a lot of impressive games and riddles that would fire up your innovation and thoughts. They have five rooms with distinct themes and storylines. "Escape the Colosseum" is a room with an interesting plot where You would need to escape from the prison that is deep under the colosseum. Spartacus, who was once jailed in the prison that you currently occupy, had managed to escape. To help others follow his route to liberty, he dropped a series of hints and hurdles pointing the path. But he had executed them sharp enough so the guardians wouldn’t trace his path. You realize you have a 60-minute to execute your escape or face the darkness of the prison against tested fighters. Will you be able to escape?

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