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manifold blocksHydraulic system components in engineering or industrial fields:
(1) Hydraulic components (hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor or hydraulic cylinder, various hydraulic control valves, etc.)
Hydraulic accessories (oil tank, filter, accumulator, cooler, etc.)
(3) Hydraulic piping system (hydraulic hose assembly, hard pipe assembly, all kinds of ferrules type pipe joints, etc.)
? Hydraulic oil (as a medium)
Connecting and forming a closed system -- hydraulic oil flows in the closed system to achieve energy transfer.
Hydraulic pipeline system composition:
Hydraulic piping system is composed of hydraulic hose assembly, hard (steel) pipe assembly, various ferret type pipe joints and non-standard joints, pipe clips, etc.
1, hydraulic hose (assembly) : hose (hose) assembly is a commonly used auxiliary device in the hydraulic system. It is made of high pressure steel wire braid or wound hose and steel fittings joints by special equipment buckle, used to connect all kinds of hydraulic components in the hydraulic system, mainly used in the working temperature of -40? to +100? conditions, hydraulic power 
2, hard pipe (assembly) : hard pipe (assembly) refers to the use of hydraulic cold-drawn seamless steel pipe after bending processing, the two ends of the steel pipe and the ferrules type pipe joint (threaded or flange type) welding. Same function as hose assembly.
Non-welded rigid pipe lines, such as commonly used sleeve connections, are not generally referred to as rigid pipe assemblies because they are assembled separately.
3, sleeve type pipe connector (threaded type and flange type pipe connector, etc.).
4, commonly used sleeve type pipe connector: end straight connector, 45°/90° end right Angle connector, all kinds of transition joints and adjustable to the connector, all kinds of variable diameter connector or flange type pipe connector, etc.
6, tee joint, tee combined joint and four-way joint, etc.
More hydraulic system details
transmission or transmission of water, gas, oil and other high pressure media, to ensure the circulation of liquid and transfer liquid energy.
8, the goal of the hydraulic pipeline system: considering the mechanical working parameters, environmental requirements, actual working conditions, reliable, efficient, beautiful, convenient to achieve the hydraulic system performance.
7, to solve the pipeline one of two, two in one or one of three, three in one and two in two and other pipelines in the confluence or shunt connection.
5. Solve the connection problem between the oil port and the pipe and the pipe connecting the hydraulic components or auxiliary parts.Guilong manifold blocks
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