Guilong Manifold Blocks introduces hydraulic motor, manifold blocks selection and matters needing attention when using
Guilong manifold blocksHydraulic motor is the liquid pressure can be converted into rotary motion machinery conversion components, hydraulic motor can play a similar role with the motor, the difference is that in the hydraulic system, he is by the input pressure oil to produce torque, to achieve continuous rotary motion, drive the working mechanism to do work. Therefore, the hydraulic motor in the hydraulic system, belongs to the hydraulic actuator.-manifold blocks
Hydraulic motor
First, the selection method of hydraulic motor
1. The selection of hydraulic motor is mainly based on the requirements of the host hydraulic system, such as torque, speed, working pressure, displacement, shape and connection size, volume efficiency, total efficiency and quality, price, supply and convenience of use and maintenance.-Watch out for Guilong Manifold Blocks manufacturers
2. There are many kinds of hydraulic motors. Different characteristics, should be specific to the specific use and working conditions, choose the appropriate hydraulic motor. Low speed motor can be selected for low speed operation condition, and high-speed motor acceleration and deceleration device can be used. In the choice of two schemes. Should be based on the structure and space situation, equipment cost, driving torque is reasonable, etc.-Watch out for Guilong Manifold Blocks manufacturers
3. Determine the type of motor used, according to the required speed and torque from the hydraulic motor product series selected several can meet the needs of a number of specifications, and then comprehensive analysis, that is, the first use of various specifications of the characteristic curve to find out (or calculate) the corresponding pressure drop, flow and efficiency; Then, a technical and economic evaluation is used to determine the specific specification if the original cost is most important. Should choose not only meet the torque requirements and make the system flow smaller, lower pressure motor, so that the hydraulic source, control valve and pipeline specifications are small. If the running cost is the most important, the motor with high total efficiency should be selected. If life is the most important, the motor with the lowest pressure drop should be selected, and the final product is mostly a compromise of the above scheme.Watch out for Guilong Manifold Blocks manufacturers
Two, the use of hydraulic motor use matters needing attention
1. Hydraulic motors are usually allowed to work at 20%-50% above the rated pressure for a short period of time, but the instantaneous maximum pressure cannot occur at the same time as the maximum speed.
2. The back pressure of the hydraulic motor is limited to a certain extent. When the back pressure is large, the leakage pipe must be set.
3. Maximum torque and maximum speed of hydraulic motor should not appear at the same time. The actual speed should not be lower than the minimum speed of the motor to avoid crawling. When the speed required by the system is low, and the performance parameters of the motor such as speed and torque are not easy to meet the working requirements, a reduction mechanism can be added between the motor and its driving host. To operate smoothly at very low speeds, the motor must have a constant leakage and a certain return oil back pressure.
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4. In order to prevent the brake motor working as a pump from cavitation or loss of braking ability, it should be guaranteed that the oil suction port of the motor at this time has enough oil filling pressure, which can be achieved through the oil filling pump in the closed loop or the back pressure valve in the open loop; When the hydraulic motor drives the load with large inertia, the bypass check valve in parallel with the motor should be set up in the hydraulic system to fill oil, so as to avoid the motor of inertia movement lacking oil in the process of stopping.Watch out for Guilong Manifold Blocks manufacturers
5. For hydraulic motors that cannot bear additional axial and radial force, or hydraulic motors that can bear additional axial and radial force, but the actual axial and radial force of the load is greater than the allowable axial or radial force of the hydraulic motor, elastic coupling should be considered to connect the output shaft of the motor and the working mechanism. For motors that require low speed operation, check the minimum stable speed.Watch out for Guilong Manifold Blocks manufacturers
6. If the motor needs to be locked for a long time to prevent load movement, the spring-loaded hydraulic release mechanical brake should be used on the motor shaft.
7. Hydraulic motor should not be disassembled after failure in operation.


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