1 Guilong Manifold Blocks, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China:
- Although there are hundreds of suppliers of manifoldblocks, hydraulic blocks, online, finding the best company has been unsettling. To solve this problem, Ningbo Guilong Manifold Blocks Machinery Co., Ltd. provides a wide variety of hydraulic valve blocks, which are used for hydraulic combination valves or hydraulic cartridge valves as valve backplanes or valve cavities for integrated hydraulic systems. Recognized as the best manufacturer of hydraulic components, the company also supplies the global market with hydraulic sandwich assemblies, manifold block cartridge assemblies, hydraulic manifolders, caps, piping companies and components. According to DIN 24340, ISO 4401 and Cetop, the aluminum seat of manifold hydraulic valve provided by our company is made of aluminum material, usually 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 code as the main material. Hydraulic insert blocks that can accommodate up to 20Mpa (200bar) in hydraulic systems are manufactured to customer requirements for use in hydraulic systems. The maximum hydraulic pressure is usually around 25Mpa and 250bar is customer material.
Hydraulic pump products include: Manifold block of hydraulic station, gear pump, gear pump (single stage, high pressure, double, three), gear pump for bulldozer, a dump truck with gear pump, vane pump, vane pump, gear motor (pin type, single stage, vehicle operation, double, twin, variable), automotive steering vane pump, vacuum pump, vane motor, piston pump, axial piston pump (high pressure, inclined plate, Pump power unit.
The company constantly focuses on experience to ensure the best materials for every customer. Ningbo Town Guilong manifold blocks Machinery Co., Ltd. has thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world and it is growing every day. Laurel dragon confluence block, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
With a mission to produce standard models at competitive prices and superior quality, the company designs 3D models of custom manifolds and checks and validates dimensions prior to manufacture. The company also enjoys a strategic location close to seaports and airports, making it easier to transport. Ningbo Zhenhai Guilong Manifold Blocks Machinery Co., Ltd. provides the best products at the cheapest price and no longer has to worry about using the best quality hydraulic valve blocks. Laurel dragon confluence block, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Ningbo Guilin Dragon Valve Block Machinery Co., LTD
Ningbo Guilong valve block machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the market leaders of hydraulic valve block.
Coal engine steam: Manifold block control valve, manifold block control valve, one-way valve (hydraulic control, column, short, double hydraulic control), two-way valve (one-way), liquid-liquid pump station, terminal valve (plane, ball), safety valve, filter, liquid cut-off valve, single column, truncated top column general valve, three-use valve, special valve: Shovel control valve, quick drop valve, pressure control valve, soil machine control valve, multi-way reversing pilot valve, limit slide safety valve, manual reversing valve, valve.
Hydraulic machinery and Tools: Manifold block. Manifold block of hydraulic hammer, carrying oil filter, hydraulic hammer (, machine operation), the hydraulic pump station, oil filter, oil suction filter (suction tube, pipe, high pressure tube, double tube), large flow filter oil machine (eyes), large flow pipeline filter (high pressure, double barrel), board type air filter, oil filter, upside-down preloading type gas wave cleaners ().
2. Filter definition
The process of removing contaminants from a fluid (liquid or gas) using a porous medium.
When the fluid (liquid or gas) into a certain specification of the filter, impurities are blocked, clean filtrate discharged from the filter outlet, when the need to clean, as long as the detachable filter element removed, cleaning or reinstallation after replacement, use and maintenance is very convenient.
3 Filtering Principle
On the surface of filter
The filtered particulate pollutants are almost all trapped in the upstream side of the filter element surface. The filter element material has uniform calibration hole, which can filter the solid particles larger than the calibration hole. Specific divide into line gap type, net type and piece type.
4 Depth filter
The filter core of deep filter is porous water permeable material, and the internal channel is tortuous and circuitous. The pollution particles larger than the pore size are directly intercepted on the outer surface near the upstream of the oil, while the smaller particles enter the inner channel of the filter element, deviate from the stream force and electrostatic force due to the action of surface tension (molecular adsorption), and are absorbed by the inner wall of the filter channel. Therefore, the filtering principle of deep filter is both direct interception and adsorption. Filter materials include paper core, sintered metal, felt and various fibers.
5 Adsorption filtration
Mainly refers to magnetic filters, rely on the magnetic force of magnetic materials to attract iron filings and magnetic abrasives. The filter element is made of permanent magnet system, which can absorb iron filings, iron powder or magnetic grinding powder in oil. It is often made of filter element compound with other forms, and its application scope will be limited.
The filter is installed in manifold block hydraulic system
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