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Why Choose CTFO As Your CBD Hemp Oil Company & Business Opportunity?

So, what makes CTFO CBD oil one of the best in the network marketing industry? Firstly, the information in this article is not all about disrespecting other CBD companies. As you already know, the CBD industry is thriving now and any company can come on board. Secondly, this article won’t name competitors of CTFO but will only concentrate on why CTFO is currently a growing giant in the network marketing home-based business industry.  

It is true that many associates, as well as customers of MLM companies are switching to CTFO CBD.

Here are the 10 top reasons why the CTFO CBD business model has been thriving at peak performance:

1.Enrolling New Affiliates And Customers Is Easier And Seamless

  • New members join free out of curiosity without the need to provide a credit card number or a tax ID number on the enrollment form and a product purchase is never required.
  • The no fees option allows almost anyone from any walk of life to succeed with a very low budget provided they have a good business acumen, good attitude and work ethic.
  • The caveat may be, many free members do not want to produce sales or order products, but this is pretty typical in any network marketing or sales organization.
  • Once the new member is placed, a great percentage of them purchase products and reorder because the CBD industry is booming and the products sell themselves. Repeat sales for CTFO products are brisk.
  • The 60 day (empty bottle) guarantee gives the customers and affiliates financial security when placing their orders; in addition, members tend to try other products because the guarantee makes them feel more comfortable with their investment along with the transparency and online availability showing off the CTFO ingredient labels as well as, the third party independent lab tests for the CTFO CBD oil.
  • The CTFO CBD products are in high demand because the company has a good reputation for both a quality CBD oil but also the best guarantee.
  •  CTFO carries organic CBD oil for people and pets and exceptional wellness & skin care products with natural and organic ingredients. Customers are attracted to the high quality product ingredients.

2. The Amazing CTFO Line Of Products

CTFO has a wide range of over 50 CBD hemp oil products and non-CBD products. More products are expected to be launched in September of 2018 at the first annual CTFO Gala Event at the West Gate Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

CTFO CBD hemp oil is a full spectrum proprietary formula, from the whole hemp plant and comes in 4 powerful strengths. (Natural Peppermint Flavor)

  • 300mg (single 30ml) = $49.97 + sh  
  • 500mg (single 30ml) = $59.97 + sh  (also available in 100% THC free CBD ISOLATE formula)
  • 750mg (single 30ml) = $69.97 + sh
  • 1,500mg (single 30ml) = $99.97 + sh  (also available in 100% THC free CBD ISOLATE formula)

Three pack discounts are available for every strength CTFO carries, see prices in point #3 below. Every customer gets a personal website with their ID and PW to order securely online and privately with a credit card or debit card. 

The company offers CBD ISOLATE products for those folks who can’t even have trace amounts of THC in their CBD formula. CTFO is completely transparent about their ingredients and their labeling while providing customers with verified, professional, third-party lab reports for each batch of CBD oil produced and bottled. Lab results are posted online for the whole world to see. And the ingredient labels for all of the CTFO products are available for review on the master company website too. These CBD oil lab tests are important for the customers so they can rest assured that CTFO CBD oil is compliant with all state, local and federal hemp laws. CTFO works closely with farms that are 100% compliant with the US Dept. of Agriculture. To find the online posted lab tests go to:

3. The Best Pricing In The Home-Based MLM Business Sector

CTFO offers excellent wholesale pricing in singles or 3-pack purchases. Customers, as well as affiliates can buy CBD oil products at wholesale prices. In addition, there is a 5% cash discount for placing an order on autoship, this is optional but a very convenient way to save money on larger shipments. Prices below do not include the autoship discount of 5%. Autoship settings can be adjusted or removed manually any time by the customer from their own personal website back office area.    

  • 300mg  (3 pack)  =  $129.97 + SH  (approx. $9.97)
  • 500mg  (3 pack)  =  $147.97 + SH  (approx. $9.97)
  • 750mg  (3 pack)  =  $169.97 + SH  (approx. $9.97)
  • 1,500mg (3 pack)  =  $249.97 +  SH (approx. $9.97)

4. Free Website

CTFO gives away 2 free websites to all affiliates and customers. The best part is that it cost nothing to be an affiliate. This free system has always been a philosophy of the founders of CTFO. Stuart Finger the brain child behind the CTFO program wanted something that almost anyone could do even if they were originating from a place of tight financial circumstances. And indeed, many affiliates began their CTFO journey in dire financial straits or were having severe physical challenges. The CTFO compensation plan gives individuals the opportunity to start with nothing only to rise above it all with the free marketing tools, websites, training and more. These tools are provided at no cost to both the affluent and those struggling to make ends meet, giving everyone who joins CTFO as a free affiliate a level playing field.

5. CTFO Has The Best Compensation Plan In The MLM Industry! And How Is The CTFO Pay Plan Different?

  • The CTFO compensation plan is not binary.
  • There are no legs to balance.
  • If a CTFO representative fails to make a monthly purchase, they never lose the team they worked so hard to build.






6. The Lowest Requirements to Maximize Commissions In The MLM Network Industry

All you need to do is buy a monthly purchase of only $49.97 to be an active distributor. Or if you personally sponsor 10 active affiliates or customers the personal monthly purchase isn’t a requirement. Distributors can earn all aspects of the pay plan without a personal purchase (details and requirements apply, see the compensation plan links above).

7. CTFO Provides A 60-Day (Empty Bottle) Money Back Guarantee.

  • Other Companies Provide A-30 Day Guarantee Or Less With Stipulations Attached.  
  • There is confidence in every bottle at CTFO. The CTFO product guarantee speaks volumes. Is there a big box store out there that can say with confidence, “Buy our food and after 60 days if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, just ask us for a refund???” Name one! Does such a place exist? Yes! At the CTFO online super-store you have a guarantee! If you’re not completely satisfied with your CTFO purchase, you can apply for a full refund (less shipping).   

8. Autoship Is Optional

  • Most companies need their customers or affiliates to subscribe to their monthly autoship. That is not the case with CTFO. You can opt-in to an autoship order on a voluntary basis.  
  • Setting up an autoship does not give you higher commissions.  
  • CTFO awards its loyal customers and associates when they commit to an autoship order with an instant point-of-purchase discount of 5%. The customer or affiliate has access to the autoship details in his or her CTFO back office and can change or remove any autoship order. And who doesn’t love to save money for something you’re going to do anyway! So, for the convenience and the savings, autoship is a win-win for some people.

9. Excellent Customer Service

Many companies in the CBD industry have poor customer service. CTFO has friendly customer representatives who respond to emails and there is a hotline for voicemail and live calls. Also there are countless of team groups all over social media and Facebook set up by friendly CTFO representatives who are more than happy to help answer your questions about the products and the business opportunity:

10. Longevity In The Health And Wellness Space

No one likes to risk time and money with a start-up company! And CTFO has stood the test of time. Here is some background history on the company:

  • CTFO opened with a health and wellness weight loss line of products in 2015.
  • CTFO added an extensive organic CBD hemp oil product line including CBD pet products and more organic CBD and Non-CBD skin care products in 2018.
  • CTFO is debt-free.
  • Stuart Finger is the CEO and is the originator of the partially patented and dynamic CTFO business compensation plan and product model.
  • Stuart Finger has a good reputation and track record as a high level producer of sales revenues in the MLM space both with his own private companies and as a previous sales leader for other companies.
  • At CTFO the 2018 member and customer enrollments are exponential with monthly sales averaging over $2 million + with no signs of a slowdown in sight.
  • The lucrative & partially patented CTFO compensation plan is the brain child of Stuart Finger.
  • The CTFO executive leaders do not take a salary, not even Stuart Finger himself! Their entire income is derived from everyone being CTFO representatives with the same opportunity to earn commissions as any other sales associate in the company. Even each billing and customer service office staff member is a CTFO associate.
  • A new larger home office has been secured.
  • A new state-of-the-art website for affiliates is under construction and due for release in September of 2018, yet Stuart has no intensions of charging distributors for their associate websites.
  • The 1st CTFO Annual Gala has been booked for the last weekend in September of 2018 in Las Vegas for an awards ceremony and the unveiling of the new website and new product announcements.
  • Future plans include international shipping to over 40 countries & more new products are on the horizon as more CTFO overseas markets continue to expand worldwide.

CTFO is currently operating in 7 world-wide locations.:

* The USA
* Canada (CTFO is working on credentials with Health Canada for imports of CBD products. Until then, CTFO ships non-CBD products to Canada. Keep checking with Health Canada for updates)
* The United Kingdom:

  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Sweden
  • Ireland

Cynthia Trethewey is the author of this article on ctfo cbd hemp oil. Find more information about ctfo business.

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