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An excellent trailer is the first thing which helps you to get the lining up at the box office. So, if you create a great preview, then the glimpse of the entertainment or spectacle lies ahead, so you will be able to convince people to come to watch. In case of mobile app development, the job of fantastic app preview is to get people for downloading your app because the filmmaker gets their best people on the job to cut the trailer. Therefore, below are the given best features of your app, to present your brand's goal, and create a sense of excitement, incite users into action and show the potential of your app, all in less than 30 seconds.

How important is an App Preview?

App preview mainly depends upon how you define your app, and if you see technically, then you also need to submit a preview of your app to the app store. Besides, users want to be sure that they are spending their time, bandwidth, and phone storage on something worthwhile. So, they aren’t watching only one app reviews but up to three before downloading any app because app listing looks so incomplete without a proper screenshot, preview, detailed descriptions and all other additional information which can fit on the app storefront. Therefore, all you need to show your audience that your app has substantial potential, and as per the survey by StoreMaven, app preview can help to increase your app conversation rates up to 20-35%.

Identify and explain your core values

The first and foremost thing that your app needs are the purpose, like the core values, thrilling game experience, knowledge experience, and a way to get some tedious job faster and so on. So, all you need to tell your audience exactly what they stand to gain from your app. Therefore, your app preview should show how your mobile app does things differently from the users might have already seen.

Create a Story

App previews can be a collection of screen grabs of app features, but a better way to do that is to create a well-rounded short story around your mobile app experience where you can talk briefly about the problems which user's facing in their everyday lives. Like how much time it costs them or how annoying it can be, and then you can elaborate on how your app can solve those problems and make the users lives more comfortable. So, based on these assumptions, you can write a script perfectly to summarize what you wish to say in the slotted time.

Create a Preview Visual

This is the part where you need to bring a designing, animation, and graphics to visualize the story which you wrote. So, it is good to use real app visuals because whatever is in your preview, your users expect to see that right after downloading it. So, avoid creating visuals or animation just for the preview because how you cut, edit, and organize all these app visuals tells a story, and this is what makes the difference. So, all you need is to align your visuals with your script, including some of the most stunning visuals and imageries from your app. However, the visuals must go with the flow of the script as well as can show complete journey. Additionally, you can also use text to reinforce your point and suitable background music to accentuate the effect and can also follow a chronological set up of your app instead of showing the big finish in an unorganized manner.

Watch how others are doing it

Watching others successful app previews is one of the most effective way' to boost your imagination as well as it helps to do things in a trendy way, but seeing too many app previews can also leave you with a potent hangover of what you watched. However, this can even affect the originality of your app preview as you constantly end up following their work. So, this is why getting a rough blueprint of what you want to do can be a good idea before watching others app preview so later this can help to make your script and visuals even more precise.

Set realistic expectations

App previews are made with the sole purpose of building excitement as well as for promising a great time. Therefore, keep the preview aligned with the actual app because overpromising and under delivering can lead to unrealistic expectations. Therefore, be honest with your app preview and set a realistic expectation.

So, for wrapping up creating an app preview seems too heavy to lift all the hard work you put into the mobile application development. However, mobile app preview helping to show the attractive features of your app as well as it is convincing the audience to download. Therefore, invest in creating a preview of your app, which can help to watch results pour in.

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