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Every decision has its cost, so it doesn’t matter if you decide what car to buy or what platform to choose for your mobile app development because there is always some kind of inner fight between the investment you are planning to make and the expected result, which is normal and predictable. However, the app development cost for both the platform is almost same, or sometimes it is higher for iOS apps, and sometimes it is higher for android apps. So, below are the given costs comparison of iOS app and Android app development:

Hourly rates

In this type, the project usually divided into multiple tasks, and each of them considered separately. So, you will get the opportunity to make any additions during the project development because often, project teams access the task and give you the data on how many hours/man needed for completing the assigned task. So, by multiplying developer/hours can help you to get task estimation and when the task gets completed, and then you will get a visible result to pay for the work of the team, which can be the monthly, or quarterly basis as the preference. However, when working on the time and material pricing model developer delivers you the quality results on a suitable time which assures the possibility of later successful cooperation.

Stages and time spent

Below are the given three stages of app development:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing


Time taken for designing an iOS and Android platform app doesn’t differ much as design price is also same for both the platform.


Development of iOS and Android app development depends upon the platform you choose as java is a bit bulkier language because of its features. So, as a result, the developer receives a more number of lines of code as compared to swift and objective C, but on the other side, it is also easier to find supportive documentation and community to answers java related issues, so we can’t be 100% sure what takes more time here.


There are large varieties of devices as well as an operating system which is used by Android users and which in results more time spent on testing, and another factor which slows down the testing process is android emulator which is much slower than iOS simulators. Therefore, testers spend more time in testing the Android app as compared to the IOS app.

App stores

When it comes to uploading your mobile app to the app store, then it has its own rules and restrictions as Google play gives you the complete freedom, but you need to spend some extra time on adjusting your app to fit in the app store standards. On the other end, iOS will charge you a significant amount for uploading your app.

Below are the given sections of the iOS app and Android app:


IOS app dominates the US and Western Europe because if the business is interested in covering the entire market with the iOS app, then it would be a clear winner. Therefore, the monetization is mainly depends upon a direct charge, in-app purchases, and retail forwarding. So, the iOS device users statistically spend more money compared to Android holders. Hence, App store revenue is much higher than Google plays despite the fact that Google plays wins twice in app downloads amount.

Android app

Android app dominates in Asia, Australia, and Africa holders and outnumbers the iOS users worldwide heavily by dominating in these regions. Therefore, their monetization is mainly depends upon advertising, so that the android users will have a lesser will to pay for the application, and if the business is planning to create free apps, then their goal will be to cover a wider audience with making those people to pay, or to monetize the app by adverting.

So, for wrapping up Mobile application development cost is almost same for both the iOS and Android app development, but it still can vary depending upon the several aspects such as time spent, hourly rates, and the adaption. Therefore, a business should analyze the project needs and choose the platform as per the final goal.

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