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Mobile app made their appearance right after the evolution of smartphones and tablets. In fact, mobile application played the most crucial role in popularizing smartphones. So, in the current scenario, the mobile app development industry has two most stringent competitors first is Google, and second is Apple. As, we all are aware that’ both the Apple App store, and Google play store is already flooded with millions of application belonging to various categories from instant messaging to gaming to e-wallets. So, the apps have been also categorized into the types like gaming apps, corporate apps, and social media apps, and so on. However, as per the report from Statista, the total number of mobile devices is about to reach over 5 million, counting both Android and iOS apps. It’s a humongous market, which is beyond imagination.

Lenient App Store Policies

Google is not so harsh on Android app builder in terms of guidelines related to publishing an app. Besides, the reviewing policy is also much quicker with the play store where the developer doesn’t need to follow any rules and regulations. So, Android can be really beneficial for the business as it only needs to pay a $25 as a registration fee only before the developers’ upload an app and in the case of iOS, the costs are way beyond $99 for a year.

Easy Customization

The most essential aspect of the on-demand app is that' it has to satisfy the requirements of the end users. So, the functionalities keep on changing as the new trends keep on coming, and this further requires the developers to update the app at regular intervals to serve the needs of the customer. Hence, Android provides better customization in caparison to iOS, and since the modification of the apps became easier' then the app retention percentage also increases.
Higher Market Share

Android has outpaced all its counterparts, like Windows and Apple, with a considerable margin. That is why most of the smartphones have an Android OS, and that is also a primary reason why business, prefer on-demand apps in Android as it has a vast audience. So, as per the research from Statista, the total number of Android apps is approx. 2.1 million, whereas the total number of iOS apps is approx. 2 million. Even as per the demographics region coverage of Android apps throughout the globe is also higher where they have a substantial market base is in Asia, and China. On the other end, iOS has its user base in the North American region comprising of US, Canada, and Australia.

Google Assistant

Android, provide the support of voice assistance in the form of Google Assistant, which is useful for businesses and other mobile apps. Therefore, you get the advantage of Google Assistant only with Android and Google. It also gives you the access to several data points, which helps in making Google Assistant more efficient as compared to Siri. Therefore, the users only have to command, and the data is then encrypted in the Google Assistant. Besides, it also enables the customers to search for a particular item with the help of Google Assistant.

Data Storage

Android gives the add-on benefits of the cross-platform and free storage capacity of 15 GB. So, that you can store' your valuable data on Google drive. Usually, on-demand apps mostly deal with customer data, where the data generated is a form of big data. So, the companies can easily handle this with the help of Google Drive integration. In addition, Google also has its own cloud storage besides Google Drive also making it simpler to access the data.

Multi-language Support

Most of the on-demand apps are B2C, and therefore, it is of utmost importance that they are available in all the languages which are understood by the target audience. However, when it comes to multiple languages, Android OS supports over 100 languages, whereas iOS supports only 34 languages. Therefore, Android is suitable for developing apps for eCommerce, health, and other people-oriented sectors.
Cost-effectiveness is one of the most crucial aspects where companies can leverage the benefits from Android devices that can address huge smartphones using audience irrespective of device type and display size and in a cost-effective. So, all they need to find the best Android app development company.
So, for wrapping up, there won't be any doubt that the popularity of on-demand apps has incredibly boosted the market. Therefore, Android offers the best advantages to both customers as well as for the developers.

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