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Getting a car fixed can be frustrating at times’ mainly when you have to travel and then all of sudden you get stuck because the car engine isn’t working. So, the first thing which comes in your mind is car mechanics near me. Well, mobile application development for mechanics allows their user to hire car mechanics on demand, which means that the user can get skilled car mechanics anytime anywhere with the help of an app like Uber for mechanics, which can do this for a car repair seeker. An app like Uber for mechanics do not bother their user to get their car fixed, so right from scheduling an appointment to get the vehicle done, the car repair service app embraces a large variety of car repair services. So, if you want to build an on-demand solution for car repair, then the first thing which you need to know is why you need an app for car repair service.

Below are the given must have a feature which should be integrated while developing an on-demand car repair app:

Live Tracking

It is an utmost necessity to include live tracking feature in a car repair service because this will help the customer to know where the mechanic is or how much time he will take to reach and whether there is any problem on the way or not. As people always want to be updated with what going on, so by giving them this feature will only increase your customer retention. Thus, by implementing live updates when you can create on-demand car repair app is a way to go.

Seamless Payment method

Payment plays a most crucial part in a car repairing app so it should be as streamlined as possible because a user usually prefers a quick, secure, and convenient payment method. Also, a variety of options like credit cards, net banking, wallets, and cash on delivery should be implemented in an app for complete customer satisfaction. Therefore, this should be included while creating on-demand car repair app, because the ease of payment work as a deal breaker’ when it comes to an on demand mechanics app.

Average price for the service offered

Maintaining an on-demand car repair app involves multiple level investments, some of which include mechanic charges and maintenance of a database. So, considering all these, if a customer feels the service is bit costly, then everything would be a waste. Since the mechanics pay a visit to the doorstep, a customer expects the price to be a bit higher than the conventional methods of taking the car to a repair shop. However, there should be a cap on the amount if your price quote is attractive for the service you offer than only you can sustain your platform, successfully and create an on-demand car repair app.

Mechanic version of the app

User convenience is one of the important aspects for determining the success of apps similar to Uber for mechanics, but in the same way, it is also crucial to have a decent mechanic onboarding. Therefore, the mechanic dashboard should provide a comprehensive picture related to a particular work order before he accepts it. Since every order needs specific tools and equipment, so having a clear work order makes life easier for a mechanic. Besides, it should also include a system in place detailing the credits and payments for multiple work orders.

Interactive design

User interface and user experience plays a most important role in the process of how to create an on-demand car repair app and creating an online mechanic marketplace. However, you should design your car repair app in such a way that the people should find your app as easy as possible.

Building and retaining customers

Once you build your on-demand car repairing app, then you need to invest some efforts for building and retaining your loyal customer base. So, this can be done by including some of the features like rating, promotions and discount offers, and dedicated customer support.

Bridge the gap with Mechanics and the owners

One of the foremost thing’ that one must do before approaching app development companies for building a car repair app is to find mechanics and spare part supplier because if there aren’t any mechanics to serve customer request then how will you run your app. So, once you have necessary people on board, then you need to design your app because it is utmost important before developing an on-demand car repair app. Therefore, depending upon the platform, you can incorporate manual or automatic matching to assign mechanics to car repair requests. So, it is good to begin with, a smaller area, and once you become the master to the local stage, and then you start with the expansion.

So, above are the given features of on-demand car mechanics apps.

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