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In the past few years, nearly every industry around the world has undergone a digital transformation, and the apparel sector is no exception. The acceleration towards digital solutions has made fashion houses more accommodating to new challenges and opportunities. Similarly, the custom-made hoodies, a customization solution that empowers clothing brands and retailers to let their buyers design their hoodies using the latest 3d technology. The tool allows your shoppers to select, design, and preview the customized product using the 360-degree preview technique, making shopping more inclusive and immersive.

Custom Design Hoodies Enables Apparel Companies Expedite Digital Transformation

It would be completely unfair to assume that fashion and digitization were completely two different identities prior to the pandemic. Data-integration supply chains, AI-assisted design, tech-infused brick-and-mortar stores, and many more exist for more brands and retailers. Also, moving to digital trends is not an overnight success; it requires consistent and similar drive and grit to attain higher business goals. However, COVID-19 accelerated this shift tenfold in the fashion industry and, even more significantly, normalized and democratized the idea of going digital.

Let us look at the various elements that expedited the digital transformation and enabled apparel brands to expand their business:

1.Putting Customer at the Centre Through Personalization

The inception of digital technologies has consumers made more aggressive and active in comparison to their previous passive observer role. They are no longer just the buyers, but want to be equal partners in what fashion houses are doing and interact with, influence, belong to, and even be their favorite brands. When brands put their customers at the centre, it is easier for them to design and market products. Retailers can accomplish this by shifting from a "you found me" to a "we found you" mentality. Also, it is crucial for fashion brands to remember that the customer journey doesn't end when a customer purchases anything. Brands can ensure that shoppers return to the apparel website; time again, retailers need to connect with them on a personal level. This means figuring out where their fashion friction points are using data to remove them.

Personalization is the best way to serve customers as it smoothens the customer journey and makes shoppers become an equal partners in what brands manufacture and retailers market. It can also provide product ranking, showing relevant discounts and offers, or communicate with customers on platforms such as WhatsApp. Whatever apparel companies do, they must realize that hyper-personalization is the way forward. From homepages to product recommendations to email campaigns, customers want to feel like brands care about them as individuals. Similarly, the customized hoodies online aid brands in meeting dynamic consumer needs with their latest and relevant business and customization solution. Using the tool, brands can provide recommendations to customers about the designs and collaborate with them in real-time to ensure the manufacturing of top-notch hoodies.

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