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For more than a decade, the term "digital transformation" has continued to be the main driving factor for the fashion industry. The term is ubiquitous across segments; however, it still means different things in a different context. Its wide range of applications is one thing that keeps it moving is slowing down anytime soon. And the recent series of events has shown that digital's role in organizations is more crucial than ever. Similarly, the jacket design maker offers customization solution to apparel brands and retailers and help them to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion market. The custom-made solution helps apparel houses leverage recent trends in the virtual space.

Jacket Design Online Offers Solutions to Accelerate Digitization

According to IDC, global spending on digital transformation is expected to reach a staggering $6.8 trillion by 2023. The pandemic has forever changed the way fashion houses operate and customers shop; according to a survey, about 3,700 consumers in nine emerging and developed economies. The survey also examined how the pandemic has changed the face of eCommerce and digital solutions. It covered Brazil, Germany, China, the Russian Federation, South Africa, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, and Switzerland. As the pandemic has changed everyone's lifestyle, people these days are more comfortable with online shopping and rely more on the internet for news, health-related information, and the digital environment. Consumers in emerging economies have made the greatest shift to online shopping, and the prolonged lockdowns have been yet another driving factor for compelling buyers to move towards the digital world. The changes being brought in today will have lasting effects as the world economy begins to recover. The acceleration of online shopping across the globe is yet another factor that underscores the urgency of ensuring all countries can seize the opportunities offered by digitalization as the world moves from pandemic response to recovery.

Let us look at the various factors that prompt the reason why apparel brands and retailers are swiftly moving towards digital solutions:

1. Helps Driving Engagement

The pandemic led to the closure of many stores for several apparel brands and retailers; however, the silver lining in all this cloudy and dull atmosphere has been the ease of customer engagement. Digital solutions helped fashion houses swiftly move towards consumer engagement with digital-first, non-linear consumer journeys. These interactions developed "stickiness" and an emotional connection with the brand. In the post-pandemic era, customers were more drawn towards interactive, multi-platform experiences that offer immediate access to information and purchase through frictionless commerce—physical and digital—supported by a network of devices and locations. Leading brands will create spaces for consumers to spend their time and money.

Likewise, having a customization solution at your disposal also enables brands to communicate with their customers directly. Using these tools, apparel companies can let their buyers customize their own jackets and get a 360-degree preview using 3d technology. Clothing houses can directly connect with their buyers understand their perspectives, demands, and requirements. These direct communications with customers empower brands to establish transparent and trustworthy relations, the key to driving any engagement.

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