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Today, people all over the world are smart and don't want to carry mass-produced goods anymore. Instead, they prefer to order clothes that they design themselves, be it skirts, dresses, shirts, tops, coats, jackets, trousers, headscarves, or even shoes. Everyone tries to make their own unique fashion statement
iDesigniBuy tailoring software is the most advanced online clothing design solution that allows you to meet the needs of every customer. The IDesigniBuy creative team includes rich, high-quality design tools for seamless online design. This increases user engagement on your website or online store, which ultimately leads to increased customer retention. iDiB offers a wide range of design tools including clothing design software, shirt design tools, costume design tools, pants design tools, jacket design tools, jacket design tools, thobe design tools, hood design tools and many others.

Some of the features of our design tools that will help your business stay ahead of the competition and grow your business:

• A fully personalized and customized tool for clothing designers to suit business needs
• Complete customization solution for integration with eCommerce storefront
• Professional vectors and ready-made design templates, additional library for images, videos, text and fonts
• Ability to upload artwork in png, jpg, gif and swf file file formats
• Easy to integrate with any CMS platform or shopping cart
• Built on HTML5 and Javascript that works on all platforms and devices
• Pre-installed fabrics, styles and accents
• Comes with update option to add new fabrics and patterns to existing database
• Available with lifetime license

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