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The explosion of eCommerce over the last few years has confirmed that digital space is here to stay and will play a critical role for fashion and luxury houses as they move to the online world. The pandemic has amplified eCommerce and was instrumental in helping brands to survive the challenges COVID-19 presented before us. Likewise, the product configurator software offers a customization solution, enabling brands and retailers to leverage the recent online space boom. The tool helps them take their eCommerce business store to the next level and provide exceptional customer service to their buyers that they shall cherish lifelong.

Product Configuration Tool Empowers Brands to Compete in Intense Digital Landscape

With the changing meaning in the new normal, the limitations offered in the in-store shopping model compelled many consumers to remain a little reluctant to shop offline. The consumer segment always propelled in the physical store was forced to move online when people could no longer come for shopping. The direct-to-consumer (D2C) capabilities have also primed to take advantage of these trends; however, certain companies witnessed obstacles to making their move toward D2C.

D2C eCommerce currently presents the best opportunities for brands to innovate and build direct relationships with customers. They can directly interact with their customers, which can help them steer brand strategy and innovation based on real-time consumer insights.

D2C refers to selling a product directly to the consumer via a company's web store, thus bypassing third-party retailers or wholesalers. Building D2C e-commerce capabilities allow companies to directly interact with end-consumers, which helps steer brand strategy and innovation based on real-time consumer insights. These suggestions and insights can help understand and meet customer requirements directly, thereby maximizing consumers' commitment to the brand and their lifetime value. In an intense and competitive landscape for eCommerce, D2C can act as a defensive measure in the long term but also allows for immediate share gain. These are benefits of becoming a D2C brand, but before that, you must understand the strategies that can help you better understand how companies can target more audiences and stream the business higher.

Let us look at various measures that will help fashion brands and retailers to take their business to a new level:

Show Commitment with All Hands on the Deck

Top leadership must be fully committed to prioritizing its tasks to succeed in D2C commerce. It is imperative that they clarify their businesses' strategic roles and ambitions, and these activities must be targeted around D2C channels. These channels must be used as a distinct guardrail for the value proposition that needs to be designed and delivered. The top management must look into the formation of D2C eCommerce strategy and their ambitions and translate them into KPIs across different functions of organizations. The details and support provided by the organization's D2C strategy will help succeed in eCommerce across different functions and channels. These cross-functional and cross-channel collaborations at a higher level and bold decision-making capabilities will help meet extraordinary high standards customers expect from an online business today.

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