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Omnichannel is one of the words that are on all brands and retailers' lips. The rising popularity of various gadgets and available purchasing option at their fingertips have compelled brands to integrate more technologies into their business models. These implementations of novel solutions make shopping experiences more fun and intriguing. And helping fashion and luxury brands take this notion to new heights is custom shoe designinga customization tool that helps footwear companies be accessible across various touchpoints. Its solutions can be used by end-users anytime and anywhere, and they can seamlessly design their footwear.

Online Shoe Design Helps Brands Increase their Visibility

A recent study commissioned by Deloitte and eBay acknowledges that the potential value of omnichannel usage within company sales strategies was worth up to £9bn. However, as the new shopping behavior gains momentum in the fashion industry, many businesses refine their retail experiences and make them more inspirational and effective. Another survey was conducted to find out the performance of businesses across multiple channels in retail. Fashion houses, such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, and ASOS were also highlighted as other top contenders. Many experts believe that most retailers sometimes didn't have the glue they needed to hold all channels together.

Consequently, they would lose or disappoint many of their customers and sales. The primary reason behind this phenomenon was that customers, brands, and other distributors hadn't embraced mobile facilities. The geolocation boundaries and other marketing collaterals were some of the biggest concerns that needed to be addressed as a priority.

Nonetheless, as technology advanced and people became more comfortable with new ways of shopping, brands, too, have tried their level best to optimize their existing channels and embrace the new ones. In this blog, we shall highlight how new technologies have helped fashion and footwear businesses to expand their horizons.

Here are some multichannel practices that have helped fashion and luxury houses to expand their businesses:

Providing Engaging Online Content

Creating great online user experiences is the key to bringing customers back. Mere web content writing is not enough, and they should rather create content or experiences that help them engage with customers. Many brands and retailers have already taken pride in managing their magazine content and emphasizing their top menu. This helps in giving users some ideas for the latest fashion and inspires their next purchases. Great content across various platforms can help companies gain back their consumers, and when happy with the information and product, they can head to the checkout.

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