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Even with two years passing, the pandemic still continues to haunt people and forces them to stay at home. This constant staying at home has addicted people to shop online more and helped fashion and luxury brands to upsurge their digital transactions. The online product configurator software is a customization solution that allows brands and retailers to entice their audiences. Its digital features allow fashion and luxury companies to provide robust business solutions that allow their buyers to select, design and preview fashion products, such as apparel, footwear, handbags, and many more in 3d technology.

Product Configuration Tool Offers Solutions to Capitalize on Recent Digital Innovations

Like most other industries, the fashion sector was also badly bruised by sudden supply chain disruption and the resulting prolonged lockdowns across the globe. The apparel and other luxury sectors were one of the most affected as brick-and-mortar stores were closed. And since most of the business happened across these stores, the steep drop in sales wasn’t surprising. Thus, compelling brands and retailers to move towards digital space and in the last couple of years, fashion labels have become so obsessed with the new avenue and each day, we hear some announcement from companies of using novel solutions to boost sales and garner more profit. The rising use of eCommerce has empowered fashion and luxury brands to think out of the box and accelerate the use of more digital solutions.

Despite eCommerce being a hit before the pandemic, only a few companies could have imagined in the fashion segment, where trying on a garment before buying was deemed essential. Consumers would be so receptive to making direct purchases online. The need for social distancing, digital safe purchases and payments and a return policy have pushed the sector to implement the use of more advanced uses and virtual reality. In the case of fashion retailers and brands, they have swiftly moved from a multichannel approach to an omnichannel one. With the advancing technologies, businesses with both physical and online stores but an omnichannel approach can blur the lines between offline and online business. Each segment and its operation were separated into various avenues and overall operations. With the advancing solutions, online stores and brick-and-mortar-stores are now in sync and bringing together divided customer and their perspectives. As a result, the consumer is the centre of attention in the new digital space, where their experience and interface matter the most.

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