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Just when the fashion sector was beginning to return to its normal course, another crisis in the name of the Ukraine-Russia war has brought the industry back to square one. Once again, the apparel industry is facing supply chain disruptions and other issues due to the increased tension between the two countries. Therefore, to help people rise above these tensions, we provide the 3d clothing design software, a customization solution that helps fashion houses let their customers select, design, and purchase products from the comfort of their homes. The custom-made tool hopes to bring positivity to other parts of the world and help brands assist those in need.

Garment Design Software Enables Fashion Houses to Continue Business During Crises

European Union has not included Luxury goods in its current sanctions to Russia. This answers the questions that have been weighed on the minds of many Italian luxury executives, as they can freely flow luxury goods from Italy to France for Autumn/Winter 2022 collections for Milan's runways. However, they have to go through a complicated financial transaction to pay due to financial sanctions imposed by the US and Europe. However, these sanctions are aimed to disrupt Russia's technology and military operations against Ukraine and at hobbling the power structure around Russian President Vladimir Putin, including the powerful and wealthy oligarchs. According to the Italian fashion federation, the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana, Italy sells roughly €1.2 billion in luxury goods to Russia each year. The oligarchs are famous clients of Italian and French luxury houses. So, when news reports emerged that Italy was demanding from the European Commission a carve-out of its luxury industry from the sanctions, some of the names in the fashion industry expressed frustrations. In fact, Missoni's president, Angela Missoni, said she supports Ukraine, despite the pain it might cause Italian companies.

The case study mentioned above indicates that there is a rising need for corporate social responsibility in the fashion and luxury industry. The recent situation between Ukraine and Russia have also brought many luxury firms to take the onus and support the cause to stop the war between the two nations. For instance, the US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which administers and enforces economic sanctions, has taken its first official action against a company operating luxury market. It is the rough diamond mining, and distribution company, Alrosa, which has the public joint-stock monopoly accounts for over ninety per cent of the Russian diamond production and is thirty-three per cent owned by the Russian Federation. Likewise, a virtual fashion platform, DressX, announced the launch of a fundraiser for Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion of the country. On its Instagram post, which the Ukrainians have founded, the company announced that it would be releasing a collection of digital clothing, with proceeds set to go to Ukraine's Ministry of Defence and several charitable organizations.

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