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It is crucial for fashion and luxuries brands to succeed and be relevant in the ever-evolving landscape of a highly competitive business environment. The fashion domain is constantly subject to a number of changes multiple times during a year, such as weather, social trends, couture influences, and many more. Therefore, it is often tricky for fashion houses to be updated and offer something new to excite and entice people. Therefore, using web2print solutions can enable brands and retailers to counter the challenges the industry presents before them. It is a customization tool that empowers fashion labels to let their customers select, design, print, and preview apparel, footwear, bags, and many other products using 3d technology.

Web to Print Design Software Offers Solutions to Enhance Customer Journey

According to the IMF's forecast, the global economy is anticipated to grow by 4.9 per cent in 2022, in contrast to –3.1 per cent in 2020. The expanding economic growth signals a positive outlook going forward; however, this positivity weighs even more in light of the past two years of the pandemic that disrupted many people's lives across the globe. The events that unfolded due to the prolonged lockdowns sabotaged many livelihoods and interrupted international trade, economies, travel, and consumption pattern. And since fashion comes under discretionary consumption, it was hit further harder. However, the silver lining in the entire gloomy event was digital technology and eCommerce that helped fashion brands and retailers to stream through these challenging days and emerged as winners by constantly re-inventing and innovating new solutions to facilitate these changes.

Let us look at various technologies that helped fashion companies to garner more revenue:

The Inception of Artificial Intelligence

AI is exponentially emerging as the future of all fashion products as it helps fashion houses to perform various tasks, such as manufacturing, marketing, and selling, efficiently. The new-age technology also helps them understand consumer behavior and patterns that enable them to create awareness, product development, and demand tracking. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed how technology can maximize user experience, improve sales, and using AI can enhance your sales process through intelligent automation. Innovative tools, such as chatbots and touchscreens, are used in stores to improve customer experience and provide customized production suggestions. Along similar lines, the web-to print eCommerce solutions offer customization solutions to fashion houses that enable them to offer personalized and tailored customer experiences.

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