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Gen Zs and millennials are the most dominating fashion shopping age groups. Many in the Gen Z community have already begun to burgeon fine jewelry customers at this young age. Therefore, it is crucial for fashion houses to meet their expectations and drive more sales with engaging customer experiences. The Jewelry Design Software is a customization solution that helps ornament companies to leverage these trends and lets their customers define their style statement. Its digital features establish transparency with shoppers and help brands build a strong and warm relationship with them.

Jewelry Design Software Offers Customization Solutions to Entice Young Buyers

The curiosity and interest in technology-driven fashion houses are rising among the young buyers, especially because this is the first generation to never have experienced a time without the internet. Besides, these technological shift changes help buyers be themselves and influence others. Many studies indicate that gold jewelry is trending among buyers, and it has shaken up the market dominated by silver and diamonds. This new generation’s changing cultural values, and shopping habits are compelling fashion companies to shift gears and meet customer expectations. The culturally and technologically confident young generations, with a natural affinity for fashion, are patriotic and don’t want to favor excessive consumption. The majority of this generation considers themselves expert consumers who do their homework before purchasing products.

Vogue Business in China recently surveyed 6000 Chinese consumers ranging in age from 18 to 64 years to dissect the cultural values of China’s Gen Z in a new whitepaper. These surveys helped the firm gain a more intuitive and specific understanding of this generation. The in-depth cultural values, the prospects of domestic products, and the future developments of global fashion brands have reshaped the way brands target their customers and how customers perceive fashion houses. In the current blog, we shall highlight many factors that transform consumers’ views of brands and how companies must cater to their needs.

Let us look at the numerous elements that can help jewelry brands retarget customers:

Spike in Gold’s Popularity

As per the reports byCCTV FINANCE, Gen Z and millennials are emerging as the dominating shopping group, especially in Beijing malls. In an interview with CCTV Finance, YE Bin, the store manager of China Gold’s flagship store in Beijing, says their sales increased by 60 per cent year-on-year during the festive season, and young customers specifically drove it. The statistics indicate a growing potential in the jewelry sector, especially as the demand for gold increases. A survey conducted by the World Gold Council 2021 suggests that 60 per cent of the Chinese consumers are yet to move to the gold segment and are willing to purchase it. Many local jewelry brands have started to encash the trend by collaborating with well-known franchises to tap young buyers. A few years back, Luk Fook Jewellery collaborated with the Chinese video game Nezha; and Chow Sang Sang and Cai Bai Jewellery have both launched a joint series with the Forbidden City.

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