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The world is witnessing varying levels of clothing trends. First, there were smartphones, and it seems that we will soon wear smart clothes. While on the one hand, designers are upholding technology to design wearable clothing, on the other hand, customized dressing is attracting customers all across the world.

Brands including Google and Levi’s even launched tech-enabled jackets in 2017 that can perform various acts based on our gestures. Google has provided the material for these jackets in which natural and synthetic fibers were woven with hyper-thin conductive metal alloys and sensors. What’s more, these jackets were machine washable.

Though this technology is still in its infancy, the fashion design software industry witnesses new trends every day. One such trend is customization. The emergence of the latest design technologies is fueling this trend even more. Jacket design software is revolutionizing fashion houses and enlarging their portfolio with attractive and creative jacket designs. 

Jacket design software is associated with numerous benefits allowing the designer to enjoy the process of making jackets while offering them a wide range of options to select designs, fabrics, buttons, patterns, colors, and more.

Since we have entered the age of see now buy now tradition, the older culture seems to evade as fashion brands adopt novel technologies to fulfill their customers’ instant demand. There are various factors that are embracing jacket design software, and this article aims to explore some of them.

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