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Abaya is a regular part of the wardrobe of most women in the GCC region. Islam-followers worldwide have worn this garment as a sign of modesty and religion-based value for a long time. But as time passed, the fashion industry evolved, making an approach to new designs for abaya. Supporting both modesty and values, along with making it more flexible, presenting a touch of empowerment as well as cultural pride.

Women’s apparel mostly depicts their personalities and cultural & regional values. But yet, what matters the most for them is their attitude to carry their costume and lifestyle regardless of their region. It makes their clothing highly important for them. Earlier, there were very few styles available for abaya, including the one that was clasped in the front and worn over the shoulders and another with black color that slipped overhead.

But with different designers putting their ideas and imagination to make the best and most beautiful abayas, today there is a wide range available in the market. These different designs and patterns of abaya are getting enjoyed by women across the world. In order to add more to abaya designing, the latest technologies and advancements have made designing abaya even easier with Abaya design software.

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