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Brands are in a dilemma about whether to adopt strategies that require product placement or not. But love it or hate it, the trend is gradually gaining traction from many leading brands and big stakeholders. Since the fashion industry has been impacted the maximum due to the disruption of the supply chain, brands are feeling the need to follow the approaches that make them more visible. After months of lockdown measures and in the absence of IRL events, audiences have flocked to platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Twitch in search of entertainment and distraction. Another way to mark your presence in customers’ minds is to give them a free-hand and let them create their fashion sense. This is what our bag design software online has been doing for years and holds expertise in providing the latest business solution to companies and enabling them to get a hold of the luxury market once again.

Bags Designing Software Helps Brands to Stand Tall in the Luxury Market

Brands sometimes are reluctant to let anyone else endorse their product; one might attribute this to the fact that they don’t want to pay extra for advertisement. But the fact is that product placement happens very subtly, and a good deal of it occurs in the entertainment industry courtesy to stylists and costume designers. But as brands are now at the mercy of a stylist, and wouldn’t wait for them to approve or disapprove of showing their products. Thanks Branded Entertainment Network (BEN) is working tirelessly to connect the dots among the films, ads, brands, products, and artists. The company is owned by Bill Gates, who in the past has worked with the leading luxury houses, such as Chanel and Bulgari on brand integrations. It taps the mighty AI resources to find the right talent or characters to convey a brand message, based on who they want to target and the desired ROI.

The primary reason behind the constant headlock between the fashion industry and the entertainment industry is due to the fact that the content has become the king. And it is here that luxury brands are so successfully winning over the films because now they have the power to exploit them. Brands in the fashion and beauty category are changing how they think about marketing as streaming continues to grow. Brands can now view and sell a clear picture of where their products are in alignment with the characters and actors. In the past, we have seen how brands, including Louis Vuitton and Burberry, have made the most of their profit with video games and esports. Even pre-Covid-19, consumers were spending more time on the inspiration part of the purchase journey.

Let us look at the factors that elaborate on the need for product placement in the luxury market:

Joining Hands with Influencers

We have reached a time where the significance of a talented social media influencer can never be downplayed. And these days, music videos are specially helping brand for recognition. According to a BEN study, 46 percent of consumers consider purchasing a brand after watching an integration in a music video, and 42 percent of consumers report having made a purchase based on seeing a brand integration. There are more chances of people remembering the accessories used in a video, and therefore, we have witnessed such higher partnerships between the luxury brands and the entertainment industry.

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