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Twenty years back, who would have thought that people would be able to order their favorite pair of pair, shirts, and blazers without going to the physical store. The answer is digital technology. In this digital era, nothing seems impossible to attain, and the fashion industry was a little late to accustom to these changes and has very well submerged itself in the new age. The new business tools, such as online tailoring software, takes your brand to the next level and allows your customers to experience something they have never seen before. Its customization feature comes along with the digital characteristic that enables them to select, design, personalize, and later head for payment, all in 3d.

Tailoring Solution Software Preparing Brands to be Digitally Advanced

Fashion has an innate nature of changing itself, and over the course of time, we have seen how the style that was in trend some years or season back can’t be seen anywhere. In the 1940s, people would stand on a pedestal in the middle of a room while strapped into a harness made of measuring tape. Huge mirrors would surround them, and people around them would then suggest whether it fits or not. Then came the era of proper stores where sizes and types of pants or apparel, in general, would be categorized, then came online business, and now it’s the time to embrace digital technology.

The technology is a powerful tool to let you stand out from the crowd, and the cherry on the cake is it allows brands to meet the dynamic customers’ needs. Some made-to-order boutiques and fashion brands want to shorten the processing time and labor involved. Instead of measuring the client with a measuring tape, the tech-forward-minded ones implement 3D body scanning to capture the storefront’s body measurements. Each scan takes merely a few seconds. Besides, the earlier model of measuring would use either labor-intensive processes or processes that improve efficiency while potentially sacrificing fit and customer satisfaction. The local and traveling bespoke tailors typically require 3 to 5+ fittings with the customer to achieve the desired fit. However, the tech-friendly brands have been drastically improving their shopping experience by providing their customers the best of both worlds, that is, combining the traditional showroom with modern technology.

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