In the past year, the fashion industry witnessed the most unprecedented and turbulent days. Brands had to adopt novel technologies that would allow them to continue their business under any circumstances. Besides, fashion is a seismograph for social and technological changes, and as a result, it has always been a playground for innovations of all kinds. Customization along with digitization is fashion innovation techniques that allow clothing brands to evolve with time and enhance customer experiences. Likewise, the jacket design maker, a customization software, enables jacket manufacturers and retailers to provide an opportunity to their buyers to design their jackets that best suits their personality and fashion sense. The tool allows your customers to become trendsetters than followers so that they have an individual voice in the fashion industry and set themselves apart from everybody.

Jacket Design Online Offers Modern Solutions to Scale Up Digitally

The fashion industry has suffered the most in one year, and therefore, it is more than ready to embrace and revive its business model even when life is resuming normalcy. The big blow to the industry has led to the ever-growing demand for digital fashion, and the latest technologies are helping apparel brands to claim their lost ground. The fashion world has lived through one of the toughest and yet most adventurous years in 2020. We all had witnessed when the brands had to revoke their older norms and comply with the latest technologies. The apparel sector, too, witnessed a similar share of digital transformation. Brands are increasingly focusing on digital or phygital fashion in their efforts to transition from offline retail to online shopping seamlessly. Much like how it sounds, the term 'physical is used to refer to the amalgamation of the physical and the digital world, through which brands are providing a more interactive and accessible experience to the audiences, as well as communicate with them on an unparalleled level, in the new normal. The growth in the phygital sector indicates how digital fashion continues to witness an epochal rise and how clothing brands are working on the latest trends. The rise in the apparel industry's digital aspect is helping brands branch out various shifts in the domain and bring a sea of change to the fashion retail segment.

Fashion is an extremely fast-paced industry, yet some brands have been a little slow or reluctant to embrace the power of digital technology. But as more leading brands are coming on board to share their success stories and inspire other brands to take a note or so. Let us dive in a little deeper to understand how other brands in the apparel sector can learn from companies that have successfully implemented digital solutions.

Here are some case studies and strategies adopted by the clothing brands to scale up their business using virtual solutions:

1.Leveraging the Best Technology

With the advancement in technology, many companies have realized that if they don't get on board with all the things digital trends, they will miss out on megabucks and won't be able to transform the fashion industry. Consequently, the industry is leaving no stones unturned to make the most of the recent developments in the sector. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data offer brands numerous lucrative opportunities to derive profitable results in the fashion industry. These technology-enabled solutions allow brands to attract more buyers and enhance their shopping experience. For example, AI-powered chatbots and voice recognitions technology assist customers in making purchase decisions.

Additionally, analytics helps in tracking the choices made by the consumer in the past, say, the number of clicks on the type of costumes and time spent on the page etc. Further, VR helps buyers in choosing the perfect ensemble. While some brands are taking this notion forward while tapping on the gaming sector and allowing their customers to play the game and connect directly with the brand. For instance, Charli Cohen and Selfridges partner for collection and VR experience celebrating Pokémon's 25th anniversary.

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