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Web to Print Design Software Helps Brands to Scale

Fashion has witnessed a tremendous shift in consumer behavior. They have moved on from physical showrooms to web and mobile rooms, high-fashion to high convenience. Cost, convenience, and comfort are key for sustaining and driving fashion's growth. These changes in the purchasing habits among buyers have caught brands off-guard and compelled them to think of more advanced digital solutions that enhance shopping experiences. The web2print software works on similar grounds and allows fashion and luxury brands to let their buyers print their apparel, footwear, headgear, and mugs, among many other fashion items. Additionally, it has built-in digital features that enable customers to preview the customized product as they design it. It permits them to make final changes in the designed product as they wish from scratch before placing the final order.

Web to Print Design Software Allows Brands to Notch Up their Game with Digital Solutions

The fashion industry is going back to its normal days by organizing fashion weeks in person, but real change is coming in the way marketers are luring millions of viewers on various social platforms with mega-influencers and out-of-the-box formats. Leading brands, such as Moncler, Hugo Boss, and Gucci, are tapping on these changing trends by collaborating with tech giants to entice younger and wider audiences. Though, in the pre-COVID-19 days, brands had immense pressure to bridge the gap between online and offline stores. However, as the restriction on the number of people allowed to attend the fashion shows is limited, brands were compelled to seek alternatives that help them deal with the rising concerns of the Coronavirus spreading. Implementing digital technology is the only way forward that can help brands attract more buyers while also safeguarding their health and reducing the negative impact on the planet. And since customer experience is continuously evolving, buyers expect something new and different from their favorite brands, and they have to comply with the changing needs. Therefore, Balenciaga has collaborated with The Simpsons on a custom episode and Balmain head a ticketed stadium-filled "festival" with thousands of guests and a celeb-strewn show.

The case mentioned above studies indicates that fashion and luxury brands are desperately in need of technology. They have to walk the extra mile to ensure that their business models are as flexible as possible to strive for higher business growth. Nonetheless, there are numerous brands that are yet looking for options and ways to modernize their models. For them, we have listed out a few strategies that will enable them to comply with the new digital trends and entice young buyers will novel social media hacks.

Here are some factors that will allow fashion and luxury brands to scale up their businesses across various digital platforms:

• Bringing In More Celebrities than Influencers

In the digital era, influencers have been a key attraction for several brands. Consumers too looked up to them and followed everything they did, whether it was about fashion, brands to follow, how to walk, speak, everything. Influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLS) were a must-have at fashion shows; however, the situation began to dwindle. It was reported that a number of shows across SS22 were 42 per cent below pre-pandemic levels compared to Autumn/Winter 2020. Nevertheless, the social media visibility of fashion week's content gained popularity up to 20 per cent across the season. This is linked to luxury's focus on mega-influencer musicians with over 1 million followers, from K-pop stars to Gen Z favourites like Dua Lipa, replacing pure fashion influencers with a smaller reach. For instance, Blackpink's Jisoo represents 64 per cent of Dior's $7 million earned value. This shows that K-pop stars continue to be among the most powerful ambassadors for brands today. In fact, in Milan, Dua Lipa alone drove one-third visibility of Versace by walking the show and attending its star-studded afterparty.

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