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Product Configuration Tool Offers Solutions for Br

Manufacturing a perfect product that fits everyone’s demand is a daunting task. Every customer is unique and has specific requirements that are impossible to be met through mass production. And as more consumers are embracing the “one-size-doesn’t-fit-all”, more brands are actively looking for solutions that will help them adhere to their demands. Therefore, the need to offer customization services arose. This new business model has helped many fashion brands to stand tall in the fashion business and let their customers experiment with their looks. Likewise, the online product configurator tool enables fashion luxury brands to reinvent themselves in the ever-changing landscape and allows buyers to customize a wide range of products, such as clothes, shoes, sneakers, jewelry, hats, caps, and many other products. The tool allows customers to change the fabric, style and minute details of the product they have bought and preview it using digital solutions.

Product Configuration Tool Allows Brands to Make Strong Move on Sustainability Front

Fashion retail, we know it, has transformed drastically, and as a result, many customers don’t want to go with the already available products and are rather more interested in designing products for themselves. Besides, peeping into buyer’s brains and trying to understand what they will like the most has been an overwhelming task. Buyers can always find something wrong with the item they purchase; either a perfectly fitting will have an inappropriate color pattern, or the size is unavailable when the color is good. They can find even a minute mistake in beautifully designed jewelry, and it goes on. Thus, it becomes challenging for brands to satisfy their customers and meet every requirement they have put forth. Many fashion-tech experts sat down to discuss to come at a middle ground that allows them to sell faster and offer services that could be charged, and offer customization was the best bet they could have ever asked for. This solution allows them to let customers participate in their designing process and meet each person’s demands.

There are numerous ways fashion brands can offer customization services to their customers through their online or offline stores for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Your clients can choose various colors, fabrics, styles, and sizes, and many other things. These factors prompt more buyers to experiment with their looks and turn as many heads around as possible. Who wouldn’t like to be asked, “from where did you buy this?” Customization works in various ways for brands and customers and allows them to be unique, as lesser people would wear the same outfits. Also, it helps brands to become more inclusive and embrace people of all color, creeds, gender, and race. The new-age solution enables brands to forget about the lack of half-sizes and get perfectly fitted items. Besides, it helps buyers save some time to search various stores and come up with nothing. They can now directly tell their favorite brands about what they desire, and brands would them a wide range of options that to choose from. Custome-made products offer a lifetime opportunity to their buyers to design their clothes, footwear, handbags, and many other products that also boosts their creativity.

Since the fashion industry has evolved so much in the past couple of months, many new trends have ventured into the domain. And those who are reluctant to innovate fast and change with time will certainly be left behind. One of the key areas where fashion retailers need to innovate is personalization, as fashion-conscious consumers want to walk out of a store feeling that the clothes they have just bought are uniquely suited to them. Tailored fashion trend is already starting to grow upstream, and the recent technological innovations enable brands to dig deeper inside customers’ brains and understand what they like and dislike to offer better recommendations. In fact, manufacturers and retailers use data stores in their portal to analyze consumer preferences and use them to guide their designing team and satisfy their customers.

These developments indicate that customization offers various benefits to the brands, and those who are willing to grab it, will flourish in the fashion. The biggest feature that made-to-measure brings to the table is sustainability. As we all know, sustainability and tailored solutions go hand-in-hand. Together, they enable fashion companies to balance their revenue and nature by adhering to ethical standards of manufacturing products and ensuring that profits flow through various channels. Let us look in detail and understand how made-to-measure solutions drive the fashion sector and enable it to revamp its business module.

Here are some practices followed by leading and emerging fashion luxury brands follow to pace up with the eco-friendly trend:

Using Naturally Occurring Products

Customer demands for products are high; they expect to be of high-quality manufactured using natural materials and ethical practices. To meet these, brands had to brainstorm and incorporate some radical techniques, and as a result, they did create collections that checked all the requirements, and the end-product was charged more. Now, this may surprise you that most people were interested in buying extravagantly priced products because they cater to the environment’s needs. According to a study by McKinsey and Company, 67 per cent of consumers are willing to pay more because they consider using sustainable products more crucial. As a result, numerous sporting goods brands lifted net new sustainable products available from 18,000 in 2012 to 72,000 in 2020. Natural materials have strong potential for growth within that landscape, as McKinsey says consumers are looking for brands that meet current needs without jeopardizing the needs of future generations.

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