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Strategic Challenges And Hurdles Of Customization

We have discussed this previously - as a business; mass customization offerings are the future. It enhances the experience of the customer and gives the best output, to the local users’ right from the beginning. The demand for customization is increasing, and people are looking for more customized products, and in that 39% of people are very much interested in product customization and especially in the apparel segment.

Therefore, as consumers dominate the market, what plans or strategies should apparel enterprises make is very important, but to upscale the business it is essential to integrate tailoring software with the website. Apparel design software is a measure to remain in this competitive market.

According to Statista, in the past few years, global retail sales for the apparel fashion market reached 1.9 trillion U.S. dollars, and are expected to rise to above three trillion U.S. dollars by 2030 and customization is going to play a key role in it.

Let’s understand how:

1. To develop a high level of interaction with the consumer:

It does not matter whether the customer is in your traditional brick and mortar store or they should be very comfortable when shopping at an online apparel store. Especially when it comes to online surfing, it is highly crucial for them to have an Omni channel experience. They can use some device or gadget in their hand sitting anywhere on their website. Constant interaction and remarkable feedback from customers will help you change the strategy of what your customers expect from your store and what are you delivering to them.

2. Create a user-friendly and smooth experience:

More you create a user-friendly experience for customers; the higher the chance the customer has to return to your store. Not only for this but to offer tailored solution that helps in their personal choice. This will also reduce the bounce rate. Likewise, when any customer visits your site, they expect a fast website with smoother loading page, a seamless payment gateway and rapid as well as easy checkout. Likewise, if the customer finds that his goods have been delivered to the address in more than seven days, he will immediately going to leave the cart and will never come back again. Quick response from customers will increase conversions, and help the development of the enterprise.

3. Demand Driven Apparel Stock:

You should manage the amount of stock needed to meet the needs of consumers, but given that the cost of inventory in the back store may increase. The appropriate list with the correct size and color given on the online store should be available in the storeroom near you. This will increase your delivery time. In addition, the apparel design software integrated with the website should basically work, and the customer may have the best customization experience.

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