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Online Shoe Designer A Powerful Tool for Growth in

High-end fast-fashion manufacturers and retailers have largely dominated Ecommerce. The footwear industry has learned its lesson from the current trend in the apparel market and rejuvenated itself by adhering to new trends. On similar grounds, the custom shoe designs allow the footwear brands to comply with the shift in demand and let your buyers design their shoes, sneakers, sandals, and many other things in just a few clicks. This customization tool enables brands to market themselves with a better online presence and offer a marvelous consumer experience.

Online Shoe Designer Enables Brands to Gain Momentum in the Footwear Market

The rising consumption and demand among buyers of all ages prompt the footwear market growth. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the sector is rising exponentially, as it is reported that U.S. consumers spend approximately$30 billion each year on footwear. Additionally, globally revenue of the sector tops $52 billion. This shows the increasing inclination towards purchasing footwear and how online platforms act as a catalyst empowering brands to take the new challenges on the chin. All the scenarios make it apparent is that it is the right time to invest in the footwear sector as the industry is set to garner more profits with increased revenue of 6.3% year-over-year, reaching $19 billion by 2023, as per the research firm IBISWorld.

The trends mentioned above indicate the power of the footwear industry and how it can manipulate consumers’ decision-making. Thus, it is essential for the labels to recognize the new streams it could venture into and drive growth in the market. Let us look at the various trends prompting more online sales.

Here are factors that promote ecommerce surge in the footwear domain:

Spending More Time on the Virtual World

It is a well-known fact that the pandemic outbreak played a significant role in changing the landscape of the footwear industry. People are spending more time on mobiles and other gadgets, and brands must take advantage of the situation and offer solutions that bring consumers to your website. Understandably, it is a challenging yet interesting task, but you should go for it.

When companies provide virtual assistance to buyers while shopping or notifying them about the upcoming collections, it gives brands an edge over others. This is especially true for physical store companies in comparison to digitally-native labels. Online marketing companies are always in touch with what people want and will never go out of business. Additionally, their customers have 24*7 access to their products and can buy them anytime and anywhere. Consider the case of Rtfkt, an online portal shoes and accessories brand was garnering huge profits since its launch last year. At a peak time this winter, it sold 3.1 million dollars worth of virtual sneaker tokens within seven minutes, developed in collaboration with artist Fewocious. The company also entered into a partnership with The Fabricant.

Likewise, our 3D shoe design online offers virtual solutions to brands willing to explore new digital possibilities in the ecommerce zone. It enables your buyers to design a pair of cool shoes and make bold fashion statements.

Encouraging Social Commitments

Last year, the luxury, as well as the fashion industry, witnessed very turbulent times. From production to distribution, the entire supply chain was halted, brands had no contact with their buyers, people were suffering. Fashion brands rose to the occasion and helped the frontline workers and people. The brands that looked after the community influenced their brand value positively compared to those who focused more on business. The leading example to second our notion is Crocs. The footwear company is bringing back their ‘Free Pair for Healthcare’ program. The program was initiated last year to recognize and provide comfort to healthcare professionals for their extraordinary efforts in the battle against COVID-19.

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