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Clothes Design Software Enables Apparel Retailers

The consumers are returning to normal life again. Many experts have observed that retailers are increasingly restructuring themselves as consumers are increasingly visiting shopping malls and stores. The pandemic seems to have receded in the US market, giving ample opportunities to fashion houses to experiment with their business model. In such scenarios, customization comes in handy. It allows brands to make the most of the changing consumer behavior and empowers them to let their consumers set their fashion trends using digital technology. Our fashion designing software works on similar lines and enables apparel companies to blend the offline and online business model with its incredible modern-day solutions.

Clothes Design Software Helps Brands to Change with Evolving Customer Needs

Many clothing manufacturers and retailers lean on a direct-to-consumer approach that helps them nimble their inventory and rethink the conventional business operation style. As the consumer shopping trend has shifted completely, it is high time that the companies, too, test the waters and adopt an approach that more equitably split between a retail store and fashion label.

Last year, according to theCommon Thread Collective, the apparel industry across the globe saw a boom in ecommerce sales by approximately 39 per cent. This provided a huge space for the brands to channelize their resources in the online marketplace and enabled consumers to shop from the comfort of their homes. Besides, last year we saw a surge in many SMEs and Startups that quickly rose to fame with their unique customer service and never seen before fashion styles. Customers, too, showed interest in open ideas and unfamiliar brands. The statistics provided by Mckinsey suggest that more than 44 per cent of millennials and Gen Z tried new brands last year.

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