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Millennials are changing the world, and the world is all set to change them. Whether one may agree or not, the young generation is calling the shots, and it won’t stop until brands understand their psyche and offer them solutions and services that best fit and define them. Therefore, brands need to come out of their cocoons and reach out to the young and tech-savvy minds to gain complete insight into what they want and how they want it. The fashion industry has been relying on its conventional business model to deal with the buyers would find it surprising that the latter has moved on to the latest form of business that offers technological advancement, sustainability, and inclusivity. All the key three aspects that modern buyers hold closer to their hearts. If this seems an overwhelming task to you, you must implement the jacket design online, a customization solution that empowers brands to check all the boxes and make a way into your young audiences’ hearts. The customized solution allows brands to let their customers be in the driving seat and design their jackets in a way that pleases them. The tool’s digital features allow customers to preview the designed clothes in 3d and make even the slightest changes in it using virtual technology.

Jacket Design Software Offers Robust Solutions to Stand Tall

Millennials and other younger buyers possess highly unique tastes and qualities that they want to be translated into the products they buy. The fashion industry is no exception and may even reflect a unique manifestation of the rapid changes brought about by this rising demographic of consumers. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that they have become the most powerful consumer group today. The statistics show that they represent a whopping $200 billion of spending power alone in the US, indicating the decision-making power they hold over the previous generation and why fashion brands need to bow down to their demands and provide services as they wanted. And these customers are aware of their significance, and it is natural that they drive many trends — especially in fashion. However, brands have always found it challenging to keep pace with their needs and wants as they tend to change it with the drop of a hat and being on their toes to figure out what they want and how it can be delivered. To this group of shoppers, brand names are less important than brand philosophies, and experiences are just as meaningful as products.

Certain brands respond to the ever-evolving demands of the millennials by integrating their CSRs responsibilities and themes into their products and services. The benefits of these measures have helped brands to gain more traction. However, they also landed themselves into some controversial territory and had to face the music. The report by McKinsey and Company dived deeply into the rise of “woke” consumers and described what appeals the most to the young buyers. According to the report, nine out of ten Gen Z consumers firmly believe that fashion brands should carry the responsibility of addressing environmental and social issues. This is a clear departure from the views held by the millennials, who thought that brands should only focus on the greenery aspect. The change is reflected in the higher profile of social issues and campaigns such as #metoo#blacklivesmatter, and #timesup, all of which have entered the mainstream lexicon over the past couple of years.

The shift is apparent, but what if fashion brands want to appease both spectrums. In that case, they must implement the design your own jacket, a customization solution that enables brands to give freedom and empower their young buyers to wear clothes that fulfil all their aspirations and expectations. In return, it also helps brands to meet the dynamic and ever-evolving and transforming demands of their buyers and enable them to scale up in the online marketplace. is a platform where you can customize different types of jackets using our customization solution. Your users can customize their jackets with various angles of jackets and explore their creativity with the help of customization and digitization features to make the best product for themselves.

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed what the aspirations of the tech-savvy buyers are, but we should also discuss in detail how these will impact the fashion industry’s fashion.

Here, we will look at how millennials are influencing and shaping the way the fashion world works:

· Uncompromisable Social Responsibility and Environment Sustainability

We have in the past that to stand out from the crowd and compete with the contemporaries, brands have developed the concept of seasonality. The idea worked for some time, and brands were flooded with requests for buying new collections, and they were obliged to fulfil these. However, little did they realize that these have consequences on the environment. Also, every action they took was watched by the modern buyers who thought they breached the trust formed. So, it’s only fair on their part to become more careful about which brands they interact with and shop from. This loss of trust established transparency, which helped apparel brands drive millennials purchase decision making subtly.

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