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Product Configuration Tool Enables Fashion Compani

As buyers are moving back to their regular lives of working from the office sending their children to schools, it is obvious that they are looking for solutions and services from fashion brands that offer them unique products while also ensuring that they are safe while shopping. The online marketplace provides convenience and safety to buyers, which probably is the reason why the popularity of eCommerce is rising exponentially. What if this comforting service is coupled with customization solutions which also increases their customer experience. The product configurator software is one such customization tool that will ensure your customers' smooth journey once installed on your fashion brand's website. It empowers them to customize their clothes, shoes, footwear, backpacks, purses, jewelry, hats, and many other products. It also aids them to preview the designed product in 3d before heading for the final payment.

Product Configuration Tool Enables Brands to Charge More for Fashion Products

As more people have resumed their routine and pre-corona life, the fashion industry witnessed a rise in the overall consumer price index. The apparel sector's increased up to 4.9 per cent from June 2020 to June 2021. Children's clothing prices increased even higher, 5.5 per cent for the boys' section and 5.6 per cent for the girls' section. The men's clothing prices have only 1.5 per cent compared to women's 5.3 per cent while the demands in both segments have been largely about pants, dresses, outwear. Something seems fishy in the market here; consequently, many experts have dived a little deeper into understanding why the cost for dressing adequately and fashionably has increased. The rising prices in the fashion sector indicate that people crave more unique products, and they are tired of wearing the same athleisure clothes for the past two years. This indicates that they are more willing to try out clothes that best suits their personality and go well with the situation. However, there are other factors fueling the high price in the fashion industry. Let us have a look at them.

Here are the reasons why the prices in the fashion and accessories industries are rising meteorically:

1. Brands facing Supply Chain Issues

Despite the fashion industry moving and embracing digital technology, it continues to face problems related to the supply chain. These issues hampered the business even during the holiday season last year when most of the fashion products were out of stock for various reasons. Many experts, such as Steve Lamar, president and CEO of the American and Footwear Association, point out that the industry faces a double whammy in the current shipping crisis on top management due to oppressive tariffs on apparel and footwear. The Association has been calling out on the US government to remove tariffs and offer more oversight to the maritime industry to reduce the shipping crisis, which is the backbone of the supply chain.

Besides higher shipping costs, retailers' supply chains have been stressed almost to the breaking point. BDO's retail and consumer products national practice leader, Natalie Kotlyar, note the fashion industry has struggled with supply chain issues for quite a while. The supply chain issue isn't a short-term problem, and therefore, fashion retailers will need a reliable and resilient supply chain to ensure they get the right product in the right places to meet demands. The 3D product configurator is a customization solution that is backed by ERP software to help fashion and accessories brands propel in the market. Its comprehensive strategies allow brands and retailers to streamline their various processes, such as designing, manufacturing, marketing, as well as allowing customers to customize the fashion products or accessories.

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