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Jacket Design Maker Helps Fashion Houses Meet the

It is understandably and overwhelmingly challenging for fashion brands to lure in young buyers, especially in the post-pandemic era. The young buyers have digital technology at their disposal for shopping; however, certain sections among them miss the physical stores. They love to shop in brick-and-mortar stores for completely different reasons as they view it as a social excursion activity. Our jacket design online can be installed on physical stores as well as on brands' websites and enable your buyers to select and design their jacket whichever they like. The customization solution helps apparel companies provide a top-notch customer experience with built-in digital features. These modern solutions will compel your buyers to hook on to your brand forever.

Jacket Design Maker Enables Fashion Companies to Thrive in Ever-Evolving Fashion Landscape

According to McKinsey & Company, 40 per cent of young global buyers have the spending power of $150 billion in the US alone, and what is more astonishing to know is that by 2035, the domination of these young buyers on personal luxury goods would increase up o 40 per cent, according to Bain & Company. This indicates that they have already joined the workforce and gained tremendously from financial autonomy, and they are all set to power even higher rates of consumption. However, certain studies suggest that once the cloud of the coronavirus disappears, buyers, especially the younger customers, will be more willing to step out and shop. According to a Kearney survey, eighty-one per cent of Gen Z prefers to shop in stores, and more than half do so because it allows them to disconnect from social media and the digital world for a while. This doesn't mean that the fashion companies have any chance of doing away with digital solutions; rather, they have to be more inclusive and provide all-around experiences in-store. They should focus on creating the community feeling and displaying a selection of products that appeal to Gen Z's tastes. The research further suggests that isolation created by the pandemic lockdowns only reinforces the need to attract these shoppers with a new approach.

Apparel brands and retailers have nothing to worry about as the recent innovations in technology have enabled them to reach young buyers. These digital spaces have also provided customers to voice their opinions and clearly state what they expect from retailers and brands. Many customers view fashion companies as their favorite resale platforms to connect with influencers that also reflect their values and beliefs. Yet, many times, Gen Z is also misunderstood generation, and several fashion brands targeting this next generation of customers need to see through the stereotypes and challenges this fashion group. Clothing companies should learn to listen and incorporate the insights within the strategy and not overwhelm customers. Additionally, brands and retailers shouldn't compromise with the offerings or else they might become merge into a crowded marketplace. Indeed, this section of society has suffered even more challenges during the rising cases of the pandemic because of joblessness, their crushing confidence, and upending shopping habits.

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