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Jacket Design Maker Helps Fashion Brands Scoop Out

The gap between reality and fantasy is rapidly narrowing; there is no limit to what can be accomplished through design. In recent times, the fashion industry has seen over the top transformation in the market landscape that is has become extremely challenging for fashion brands and retailers to define and invest in a specific trend. What may seem relevant today may soon lose its importance in the coming days. Therefore, having software, such as the jacket design online, enables clothing companies to trust their customers and determine how their apparel should look. These modern solutions help apparel firms to stay relevant to their shoppers as they can design their jackets or any other apparel through 3d technology.

Jacket Design Maker Enables Fashion Houses to Leverage the Virtual Trends

A few months back, the world's digital home was sold for over $500,000 on the NFT market. Many experts, in the beginning, didn't agree that digital technology would become a huge traction point for fashion brands. In the last couple of months, we have seen how hyper-real fashion, an umbrella term through tech, has facilitated a new interaction between physical and digital. It is continuously blurring the line from digital showrooms to Artificial Intelligence (AI) models; we truly live in the future. Moreover, the trend to wear or support digital clothing is gradually gaining more expertise in the fashion markets and fashion weeks. Front rows and after-parties are in, but people are not necessarily welcomed if participants support the metaverse.

Consequently, virtual landscape-based companies, such as Decentraland, is hoisting their first Metaverse Fashion Week starting next month. Dozens of global fashion brands and thousands of visitors are anticipated to witness the virtual experience of fashion shows, attend live music sessions at branded after parties, and buy and wear digital clothing directly from catwalk avatars. The platform intends to bring together various fashion companies and initiate their talks, collaborations, and other events during the four-day virtual event. Hugo jumped on the bandwagon and made the first attempt to sign with MVFW partner Boson Protocol to enable the people to buy physical Hugo goods within the metaverse, including Metaverse Fashion Week. It was the first brand to confirm its participation. Organizers are hush on other brands but say household names, luxury and emerging brands and digital-first creators are involved. Since the project was announced in late December, more brands have expressed interest than Decentraland has the capacity to host.

The event organized by Decentraland's MVFW shows the potential of the metaverse and the opportunities it offers to other fashion companies. The market is open for SMEs and leading brands to set up a virtual home and leverage the environment to trial the technology of a 3d virtual world platform in a relatively less risky manner. Similarly, the custom jackets provide customization solutions using 3d technology that enables clothing brands and retailers to let their customers experience the digital space, design their jackets, and collaborate with designers in real-time. It provides a low-risk customization business model to fashion houses to know how the virtual space will look like and how they should operate.

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